What is this Aircraft?

Seriously though, what is this?! The concept is stunning, and looks too good to be true. It’s called the “Sky Whale” and I can see why, it is gigantic. Honestly, before even getting into it, the plane’s design is impressive, and more importantly, it highly focuses on safety.

Photo: By Oscar Viñals

What is so special about this aircraft? Well, other than the fact that it looks like it came out of a sci-fi movie, it has 3 decks that split passengers into three classes. The first class is the one with the “sky views” as well as “all conceivable luxuries for a trip in an airplane”. Next, come the business class in the middle, and finally the tourist class at the bottom. However, as impossible as it may sound, it will be very comfortable with “good” legroom. It has the capacity to carry 755 passengers which is perfect for any airline.

Photo: behance.net

The man behind the concept of this aircraft Oscar Viñals said that the Sky Whale would be built out of advanced materials made up of ceramic or fiber composites. It would have advanced ‘active wings’ powered by a hybrid turbo-electric propulsion system, and with current and future technologies in mind, it will have a self-healing skin with adaptable opacity. Additionally, the engines could tilt up to 45 degrees, meaning it could land on any runway in the world.

Photo: behance.net
Photo: tuvie.com

What makes this concept even more impressive is the fact that the aviation enthusiast and designer Viñals claims that the Sky Whale, once built, will be the ”greenest aircraft imaginable”, why? Its technology will help reduce drag, fuel consumption, and weight. It also has micro solar cells on the wings that help charge the four large hybrid-electric engines.

Photo: CNN.com

It may seem far in the future but soon enough, we will get there. I think this aircraft’s design and concept are impeccable. You’d feel like you’re going into an intergalactic mission to save the world in this thing. Oscar Viñals’ vision is not only safe and comfortable travel, but also a better “green” future for aviation.





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