The super cute “super guppy” aircraft.

The Aero Spacelines Super Guppy is a large and wide-bodied cargo aircraft that is used for hauling outsize cargo components. The aircraft is powered by 4x Allison 501-D22C turbo-prop engines. The plane has a very strange design, almost resembling a pregnant whale. It’s actually derived from another aircraft called “pregnant guppy” due to the shapeContinue reading “The super cute “super guppy” aircraft.”

The biggest jet engine in the world.

Have you ever wondered how big the engines are while boarding an aircraft? Ever imagined yourself standing inside the engine as if it was a miniature room or car? Well, jet engines are quite the hefty big beasts as they should be able to generate enough thrust in order to lift up those huge aircraftContinue reading “The biggest jet engine in the world.”

Emirates declares the Airbus A380 as “over”

The aviation industry is going through a very tough time nowadays due to the global spread of the corona virus, and with its negative repercussions on the aviation industry, demand is at an all time low for air travel. Analysts say that the current effect is larger that the aftermaths of 9/11 and the 2008Continue reading “Emirates declares the Airbus A380 as “over””

The Antonov AN255 helping to fight the Corona virus pandemic

May 2020: The corona virus pandemic has reached more than 4 Million cases world-wide and the need for medical supplies has reached an all time peak. Correspondingly, the need for cargo flights have skyrocketed as well.

Airport Runways: An Overview.

So you’ve boarded an aircraft, strapped yourself in, and the crew announces to the pilot saying “Cabin crew ready for takeoff”. The plane then starts moving slowly for a while. The momentum pushes you into your seat and suddenly you find yourself in the air looking down on the airport below. Lets see what exactlyContinue reading “Airport Runways: An Overview.”

A clearer look on the career of a flight engineer.

Have you ever been on an airplane and wondered how many people are needed to operate this aircraft? Perhaps a pilot, a co-pilot, flight attendants and maybe a relief pilot for longer flights? Well, there’s also an unsung hero in this whole story and he’s the flight engineer. In this article we’ll explore his roleContinue reading “A clearer look on the career of a flight engineer.”

The new Boeing 777X

On the 25th of January 2020, after months of delays and issues, Boeing’s newly developed 777-9X aircraft took on the sky for the first time. The 777-9X is the world’s longest and largest twin engine airliner. It is also the widest twin engine wide body aircraft as well. The aircraft is intended to replace theContinue reading “The new Boeing 777X”

Air France Retires Its First Airbus A380

December 2019: Air France, which is France’s flag carrier and one of the world’s biggest airlines, have officialy retired their first airbus A380. It is only the second airline to do so, after Singapore airlines retired 5 of the aircraft so far over the last 2 years. The retired aircraft registered : F-HPJB, Flew formContinue reading “Air France Retires Its First Airbus A380”

Boeing whistle-blower raises doubts over the 787 oxygen system.

Imagine yourself on a plane in the middle of nowhere-10,000 meters up in the air- when suddenly a window breaks and the air begins rushing out of the aircraft. What would you do then ? Well, it is most likely that you’ll find the captain making an informative announcement as the overhead bins eject oxygenContinue reading “Boeing whistle-blower raises doubts over the 787 oxygen system.”