Mon. Jan 9th, 2023

Saturday, the 9th of January, a Boeing 737-500 operated by Sriwijaya Air has gone missing just four minutes after departing from Jakarta International Airport. The aircraft involved in the accident was a 26 year old Boeing 737-500 which was first delivered to Continental Airlines and then fell into the ownership of United after the two airlines merged, finally on the 15th May 2012 it was sold to Sriwijaya Air.

At 2:40 PM (Indonesion Local Time), air traffic control in Jakarta lost contact with the aircraft which was carrying 62 passengers and crew. After that, FlightRadar24 reported that the Boeing descended more than 10,000 (3000metres) feet in less than a minute. Suspected debris has been located in North Jakarta over the Java sea although it has not been confirmed that the debris belongs to the unfortunate aircraft. Fishermen spotted pieces of wires and metal believed to be part of an the plane. A rescue and search operation have been conducted by the Indonesian Military and Basarnas rescue agency but they have found little wreckage in the area.

The flight path of the doomed aircraft. Photo Credit: FlightRadar24

The family and friends of the occupants on the flight have been waiting for news at both Jakarta and Pontianak airportts. 10 of the 62 passengers were children, 3 of the 10 children were babies. There was 6 crew members on board. Everybody on board was Indonesian said Indonesian authorities. Sriwijaya Air released a statement following the quick spread of word that a plane had gone missing. “Sriwijaya Air is still in contact with various related parties to get more detailed information regarding the SJ-182 flight from Jakarta to Pontianak. Management is still communicating and investigating this matter and will immediately issue an official statement after obtaining the actual information.”

Officials and fishermen show what is thought to be aircraft wreckage. Photo credit: BBC NEWS

Fishermen reported to the police and emergency services once they saw what looked a plane fall into the ocean. “The plane fell like lightning into the sea and exploded in the water. It was pretty close to us, the shards of a kind of plywood almost hit my ship.” Is what a fisherman said after the BBC interviewed him. People in the area also said that they had heard at least one loud explosion. Indonesia has had an unstable aviation safety record in the past and was eventually banned from flying into the EU until 2018. The airline, founded in 2003 was an Indonesian budget airlines which flies to 25 destinations in Indonesia and Southeast Asia. This crash is not to be confused with the 2018 Lion Air Boeing 737 MAX

Here is an overall recap of what we know about the missing airplane right now.

RouteCallsignAircraftAircraft registrationUTC Highest altitudeLast altitude
Jakarta to PontianakSJY182Boeing 737-500PK-CLC10,900 feet250 feet
Signal lostTotal occupantsAircraft age
07:40 UTC6226 years

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