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The World’s Weirdest Frequently Used Airports

Around the world, there are more than 40,000 airports (as of 2020). This article will show you three of the most unique airports that are frequently used, some by the beach and some nestled in the mountains. These airports are not listed in any particular order.

Madeira Cristiano Ronaldo Airport

Chaos in the skies above Madeira as island buffeted by 50mph gusts
Credit: The Telegraph

Madeira’s Cristiano Ronaldo Airport is certainly very interesting. Serving one of Europe’s largest tourist cities, this airport’s runway hangs off into the ocean, being suspended by concrete pillars. The fact that Madeira is a beach city makes it even more difficult for pilots, as this means that the very strong gusts of wind from the Atlantic ocean make onward for pilots to land here, a special training is needed. Madeira airport also has a mountain range to its left.


Saint Martin- Princess Juliana Airport

Photographing Planes While Getting a Tan Is As Awesome As It Is Scary |  Fstoppers
Credit: Fstoppers

You’ve probably seen a photo of this airport before with a KLM 747 flying over a beach crammed with tourists. Princess Juliana Airport serves the tourist island in the Caribbean of Sint Maarten. The airport was originally a military airfield with a small runway. To start commercial flights, the runway had to be extended towards the beach by 15%, therefore giving beachgoers a fun experience watching the planes fly 10-20 feet above their heads. The largest aircraft to fly here was the 747, flown by KLM Asia, sadly KLM retired the 747 a year ago. Many beachgoers enjoy holding onto the airport fence so that they can experience the powerful force of the jet engines, and when an aircraft takes off, sand and dirt are sprayed everywhere. A pretty exotic airport right?!

Gibraltar Airport

Gibraltar, World's Only Airport Runway Intersecting a Road | Amusing Planet
Credit: Amusing Planet

Gibraltar is a tiny British Overseas territory next to Spain with an odd airport. Gibraltar Airport’s highway is part of a freeway that is next to a fuel pump! Whenever an aircraft is about to take off, the police hold up the line of cars and let the aircraft pass. As soon as it’s gone, the runway’s width turns back into a highway. To remind people in their cars that they are crossing a runway, the airport officials put up a sign saying ‘You are now crossing a live runway. Dropping litter can lead to a fatal accident. Remember, one day it could be you in that aircraft. Gibraltar Airport is the world’s only airport that intersects with a road.



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The World’s Weirdest Frequently Used Airports

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