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How SpaceX lands their Falcon 9 rockets with incredible accuracy

SpaceX is now quite used to landing their rebuilt rockets with ease. The 23rd of July 2022, marked their 56th first stage landing of the Falcon 9 successfully. Gone are the days of building new boosters for each new mission and here are the days when it just takes days for SpaceX to refurbish and […]

The RAVN X: The World’s Largest Drone

For years NASA has dominated delivering cargo and satellites to space, and now SpaceX seems to be doing the same almost every week. Sending cargo to space or delivering a satellite isn’t exactly cutting-edge tech these days. Liftoff usually starts with a ground-based rocket, which is expensive and time-consuming to launch. Aevum, a company launched […]

SpaceX’s historic crew launch.

Saturday May 31, at 10:16 a.m. EDT, a falcon 9 rocket lifted off from launchpad 39A at Kennedy space center in Florida. However, this was no ordinary falcon 9, this was the first ever one with a human crew on board! Making history for the first time ever on a commercial vehicle.