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American Airlines Airbus A319 Diverts to Memphis After Engine Shutdown: An In-Depth Look


An American Airlines Airbus A319, operated by Fort Worth-based American Airlines, encountered engine problems mid-flight, resulting in an emergency landing at Memphis International Airport. The incident occurred during a scheduled flight from Memphis to Phoenix and necessitated the presence of emergency responders.

Details of the Incident

On Wednesday, August 16th, Flight AA1182, with registration N821AW, took off from Memphis International Airport as scheduled. However, shortly after reaching its cruising altitude of 34,000 feet, the flight crew received a stall indication for the right-hand engine. In response, the engine was shut down, and the decision was made to divert the aircraft back to Memphis.

Flightradar24.com data captured the flight path of the aircraft during the incident. After takeoff, the A319 climbed rapidly and banked west over Downtown Memphis. It crossed the Mississippi River and continued towards its cruising altitude. However, just one minute after reaching this altitude, the aircraft initiated a turn back toward Memphis and began descending. It then briefly paused at a lower altitude before continuing eastward and descending again. The plane turned slightly south before reaching the Mississippi River once more. Finally, it flew at a low altitude and safely landed back at Memphis International Airport.

Image via Flightradar24.com

The History of the Aircraft

N821AW, which performed the ill-fated flight, has a long history of service. It took its first flight in December 2000 and was initially delivered to America West Airlines. Following the merger of America West and US Airways in 2007, the aircraft continued to operate under the US Airways brand. In 2015, after the dissolution of US Airways, it began flying under the American Airlines brand. Over its years of service, the aircraft has primarily operated out of Phoenix.

Recurring Engine Troubles

The recent incident is not an isolated occurrence for N821AW. In 2019, the aircraft diverted to Montgomery, Alabama, during a flight from Charleston, South Carolina, to Dallas/Fort Worth. On that occasion, the flight crew reported engine issues, and subsequent investigation revealed a missing cowling on one of the engines.

The Implications

The recurring engine problems faced by N821AW raise concerns about the overall reliability and safety of the aircraft. The incidents prompted a need for a thorough investigation and appropriate measures to address the root causes of these issues. American Airlines will undoubtedly prioritize passenger safety and take necessary steps to ensure the continued airworthiness of its fleets.

Image by: Joseph Garca via PLANESPOTTERS

The emergency landing of the American Airlines Airbus A319 highlights the challenges associated with aging aircraft. The incident emphasizes the importance of diligent maintenance and inspection procedures to detect and address potential issues promptly. As the aviation industry prioritizes passenger safety, it is crucial for airlines to prioritize the reliability and performance of their fleets, ensuring a safe and comfortable travel experience for passengers.

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