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Interesting aviation games to play right now

Due to the awesome feel while flying which everyone hopes to try. New technology makes the experiment easier and sooner, especially those games on PlayStation and Xbox. Also, the experiment of being a pilot observing fuel, taking off and landing, and observing the level of fuel.


Jane’s Advance Strike Fighters

Credit: igg-games.com

Central Asia and the Middle East are considered some of the most popular war games settings. The game depends on the player’s death-defying missions in the region where the civil war dominates. The game contains maps for places where the player flies over. Due to the fictional setting, the game manages the player to use many real-world jets, including the F-35 Lightning II, F-22A Raptor, and the Su-35 Super Flanker, which is part of the Russian Air Force.

Release: 2011

Platforms: PS3, Windows, Xbox 360


Tom Clancy

Credit: gamespot.com

Tom Clancy is an old series of military video games which is released in 2011. Developed for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360, and by Gameloft for BlackBerry PlayBook, iOS, Palm Pre, Android, and Symbian. It was carried on several platforms: Ps3, Xbox360, Wii, and IOS and Android system.

Release: 2011

Platforms: iOS, Xbox 360, Wii, Android, PC


Air Fighters

Credit: microsoft.com

This game was released from Microsoft in 2017, derived from the series of Tom Clancy by approaching realism. The game includes 1.107 runways, more than 500 real airports, and allows taking off and landing to the player in areas that resemble real-world areas. In addition to realism, the player should check flight and takeoff procedures and observe fuel levels.

Release: 2017

Platforms: Xbox 360, Windows


Ace Combat 7

Credit: store.steampowered.com

Ace Combat 7 works with virtual flight simulation, not just available for Playstation and Xbox, but also the PlayStation VR headset. There are 28 different aircraft. During the game the player can start with the older, and the more basic fighter jets and work his way up to advanced models, this gives the sense of reality in achieving progress across the game. Also, the player can fly over new regions in a variety of real-world jet fighters. Some of the game’s jets include the F-16 Falcon, F-14 Super Tomcat, F-22 Raptor, F/A-18 Super Hornet, and many more.

Release: 2019

Platforms: Xbox One, Windows, PS4


Modern Warplanes

Credit: xdroidapps.com

This game is one of the art styles among fighter jet games. It contains 3D models and a huge list of aircraft from around the world, jet fighters such as the SU, Mig, F-22 Raptor, and many more. The game contains features as detailed maps, and several anti-craft weaponry, which makes the game seems like a new adventure every time.

Release: 2019

Platforms: Android