The Top 5 coolest airports in the world

As an avgeek, I’m sure many of us have researched the airport we are flying into before going to our destination. Haven’t you just wished to go to Singapore Changi or Doha Hamad airport instead of the boring airports you tend to find in most places? Join me as I show you the airports you wish you could go to instead…

5. Funchal Cristiano Ronaldo airport

Located in the Northern Atlantic on the Island of Madeira off the coast of Morocco, Funchal airport is the world’s only international airport on stilts. The airport was first built in 1964, but the runway then had to be extended due to the increasing size of the aircraft which were landing there. Due to strong crosswinds on approach to the airport, pilots wishing to fly into the airport must undergo additional training. This can often lead to some awesome videos of aircraft using the “Crab” technique to land.


4. Gibraltar airport

One of the UK’s many overseas territories, Gibraltar is located on a peninsula in the Mediterranean sea which is surrounded by Spain. Gibraltar airport is famously recognized for being the only airport with the main road running through the middle of its runway. A bit like a railway crossing, there are large barriers on either side of the runway to stop cars from crossing when an aircraft arrives. The approach to Gibraltar also provides great views of the sea as well as the famed Rock of Gibraltar.

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3. Doha Hamad International airport

Having personally been to this airport on a long layover from London to Maputo, I can tell you that this airport ticked all the boxes for passenger comfort and style, even without the access to lounges that you might have when traveling in business class. For starters, the airport itself is massive, with its terminal’s 600,000 square meters making it Qatar’s biggest building, It has a sleek and modern fit, with the Transit system showcasing this. Perhaps one of the best things about Hamad is that the gates are organized really well, so it is easy to navigate to your flight.

2. Skiathos Island National airport

Often Christened to be the “Princess Juliana Airport of Europe”, Skiathos island airport is a plane spotter’s dream. Located in the Sporades islands in Greece, It can be viewed as a pilgrimage for avgeeks. It’s not the airport itself that makes it so unique and interesting, it’s the fact that you can stand next to the runway on the beach and be blown into the sea by the jet blast from planes deploying full throttle for takeoff. This airport has to be without a doubt the best I’ve visited. If you can’t make it there in person, it is easy to find the thousands of videos of planes that are plastered onto the internet.

1. Singapore Changi Airport

An incredible airport list wouldn’t be complete without featuring the iconic Singapore Changi airport. The airport features the world’s largest indoor waterfall, a butterfly garden, a 4-storey slide, a cinema, and an outdoor swimming pool with great views of the apron. And if you’re late for your flight, there’s a slide to that, meaning that you can send it down the chute and arrive at your gate in no time at all. The airport’s features go on and on, so for that reason, it just had to be my coolest airport in the world.


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