75 Years of Independence; Let’s See Where the Indian Aviation Industry Reach so Far

As India turns 75 years old let’s check how Indian aviation has grown from 1 airline to several airlines connecting around India carrying millions of passengers and being one of the fastest growing aviation industries around the world.

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As India is one of the fastest growing economic power as well as in the aviation industry but there was a starting for every incredible journey a starting from zero let’s see how Indian aviation became as magnificent as today.


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As the picture depicts the very first flight is from Karachi – Delhi in 1912 and right after India’s independence India had a whooping 9 airlines conquering the skies of India.


1948 turning point in the aviation industry when there was a joint venture called Air India International by the Indian Govt and Air India. Then civil aviation came under the control of the Indian govt in 1953.



In 2017 Indira Gandhi International Airport become the first airport in south Asia to handle staggering 60 million passengers. India currently has 22 charters 7 scheduled 5 regional and 2 cargo airlines while taking the accounts airports 127 and 1091 registered aircraft.

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To conclude Indian aviation was through very turbulent years coming and shutting down many airlines like Kingfisher and Jet Airways over 75 years but now coming back of jet airways and brand new airlines air akasa, ordering 300 aircraft by Air India is a green signal for Indian aviation in coming years. hope you enjoyed a quick view of Indian aviation. Make sure to follow aviation for aviators for more content.

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