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Aviation for Aviators is an online platform that mainly aims to benefit, entertain and educate people about the aviation industry through various online networking platforms.

Our Team

We are a small talented team consisting of avgeeks with a wide range of skills and experience. We love what we do, and we do it with passion. We look forward to providing what benefits you!

Youssef Yahya - Founder & Chief-in-Editor of Aviation for Aviators

Youssef Yahya

Founder & Chief-in-Editor of Aviation for Aviators

Youssef Yahya is the president and founder of Aviation for Aviators; in addition to his role as Chief-in-Editor of the platform’s website, Youssef is currently pursuing an engineering degree at Nile University in Egypt. With his unique blend of passion, expertise, and entrepreneurial spirit, Youssef is passionate about combining these traits with aviation to provide a unique resource for aviation enthusiasts and professionals alike.

Daniel Luo


Hello! My name is Daniel Luo, and I’m a 9th grader living in Atlanta, Georgia. I joined Aviation for Aviators in December 2020, and I am currently a writer for the company. Aside from writing articles, I am also a plane spotter based in Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson International airport. You can find my photos on the page @atl_planespotter on Instagram. My passion for aviation began at a very young age. I’ve always admired airplanes and was fascinated by their beauty and technology. It’s amazing to see how something as gigantic and heavy as an airplane can actually fly. My passion for aviation developed when I was age 2. At that age, I flew my first flight on a Delta 777 from Atlanta to Shanghai. This flight cultivated my passion for aviation and inspired me to further pursue my love for aviation. Through my interest in aviation, I’ve met countless people and made many new friends. I recently took the retirement flight of the Delta 777 this year in October and made several new friends with similar interests. I really enjoy things related to aviation and I hope to continue down this path in the future and become a pilot one day.

Daniel Luo - Writer for Aviation for Aviators
Osman Jamil - Writer for Aviation for Aviators

Osman Jamil


Hey there! My name is Osman Jamil and I am currently pursuing my Bachelor’s in Aircraft Maintenance Engineering. I am an enthusiast when it comes to Aviation. Being inspired by airplanes since childhood my passion for airplanes has increased considerably. From collecting aircraft models as a child to now boarding one, I am always super excited. I see myself passionately working in this field – be it understanding aircraft or writing about them. Aviation For Aviators has allowed me to raise more awareness about Aviation Industry through my writing and thought process. I aim to fascinate and educate people around the globe in the field of Aviation; from all types of airplanes to the science revolving around them. The people here are as passionate as me which makes my job way more fun.

Sam Jakobi


I am an aviation enthusiast who has worked at Aviation for Aviators since 2021. I have been interested in aviation from a very young age and have loved sharing my aviation interests with everyone ever since. My favourite articles to write are interviews, as I am always interested to learn about the industry from other peoples’ perspectives.

Sam Jakobi - Writer for Aviation for Aviators
Tantawat Homhuan - Writer for Aviation for Aviators

Tantawat Homhuan


Hi, I’m Tantawat. I have been deeply interested in aviation since 6 years old after I met my mother’s friend who used to be a pilot for Bangkok Airways. He described a fatal plane crash he had been involved in 2009. After that, I became fascinated by aviation and how metal tubes with wings stay in the air.

Lukas Wopmann


Hi All! I am Lukas, from Switzerland, and working for more than 10 years in the aviation industry at Zurich Airport. In addition to my work experience, I hold a master’s degree in aviation management. I am glad to share my knowledge and enlighten the readers with hopefully interesting insights into this fascinating industry.

Lukas Wopmann - Writer for Aviation for Aviators
Vishnu Narayanan E. S - Writer for Aviation for Aviators

Vishnu Narayanan E. S


Hi all! I am Vishnu coming from India, and just finished my flight training and buckling up for my dream job while doing my degree. I just joined AFA in 2021 as a proofreader and there is no turning back it was fantastic working with a great group of people passionate about aviation like me as well as working with great minds who love what they do while delivering the best and qualitative articles out in the industry.

Alina Mihaela Stefan

Social Media

Hello! My name is Alina, I am 22 years old and I finished the English-French faculty. Even if my studies do not go in the direction of aviation, my passion for airplanes was born a long time ago, when my grandfather who worked at the Air Base 86th in Romania decided to introduce me to the world of aviation. Since then, every time I see or hear the glorious sound of a plane, my heart trembles.

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