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Saudia Group Orders the Largest-Ever Aircraft Deal in Saudi Aviation History

Saudia Group announced the biggest aircraft order in the kingdom’s history. The agreement, signed with European aviation giant Airbus on the sidelines of the Future Aviation Forum 2024, signifies a major step forward in realizing the ambitious goals outlined in Saudi Vision 2030. The historic deal entails the acquisition of 105 Airbus A320neo and A321neo […]

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Why the A380 Found a Home at Emirates?

The Airbus A380 promised revolutionary passenger comfort and record-breaking capacity. Airlines flocked to the superjumbo initially, but many have since sent their A380s to an early retirement. Yet, one airline, Emirates, continues to champion the A380, making it the backbone of its fleet. What has allowed Emirates to succeed where others failed? The answer lies […]

Boeing 737-300 Veers Off Senegal Runway, 10 Injured, 4 Critical

A Boeing 737 aircraft, carrying 85 passengers, veered off the runway at Dakar’s airport, the capital of Senegal, causing injuries to 10 individuals, as confirmed by the transport minister and footage captured by a passenger. Malian musician Cheick Siriman Sissoko documented the harrowing scene on Facebook, depicting passengers evacuating via emergency slides amidst flames engulfing […]

LIMA 2025 Takes Off: Malaysian Ministry of Defence and GEC Partner for Innovation in Aerospace and Maritime Industries

The Malaysian Ministry of Defence (MINDEF) and Global Exhibitions and Conferences Sdn Bhd (GEC) announced a collaborative effort to host the 17th edition of the Langkawi International Maritime and Aerospace Exhibition (LIMA) in 2025. The event, scheduled for May 20th to 24th, promises a platform for industry leaders to showcase advancements and forge partnerships in […]

IndiGo Orders 30 Airbus A350-900 Aircraft

IndiGo has placed an order with Airbus for 30 A350-900 aircraft, marking a pivotal shift towards long-haul international travel. This strategic move signifies IndiGo’s ambitious plans to capitalize on the burgeoning Indian aviation market and establish itself as a major global player. The order comes amidst India’s meteoric rise as the world’s fastest-growing aviation market. […]

Emirates Unveils the First 9 Destinations for its Brand-New A350 Aircraft

Emirates has unveiled the initial destinations that will be graced by its brand-new A350 aircraft, set to enter service in September 2024. With ten A350s expected to join the fleet by March 2025, the airline said that it will elevate passenger experiences on short and medium-haul routes across the Middle East, West Asia, and Europe. […]

British Airways Flight Evacuated in Bermuda After Bomb Threat

A major scare unfolded at Bermuda’s L.F. Wade International Airport (BDA) on Sunday, May 5th, when a British Airways Boeing 777-200ER was forced to abandon its takeoff due to a bomb threat. The incident occurred shortly before 9:30 PM local time, as the aircraft, registered as G-VIIN, was already on the runway preparing for departure […]

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Can an Aircraft Fly With Only One Engine?

While the sight of a flaming engine might send shivers down the spine of any passenger, the reality is that modern twin-engine aircraft are designed to handle engine failure and can fly with one engine and with remarkable safety. Extensive pilot training and robust aircraft design ensure that even a single engine failure does not […]

What Happened to MD-12?

In the 1990s, McDonnell Douglas sought to challenge the dominance of the Boeing 747 on international routes. Responding to a distinct air travel landscape, the company designed the MD-12, a double-decker aircraft boasting significant passenger capacity and long-range capabilities. This design decision stemmed from the specific market conditions of the era. Lower fuel costs and […]

FAA Investigates Unauthorized Cockpit Access on United Flight

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has initiated an investigation following unauthorized access to the cockpit during a United Airlines flight. The incident involved a member of the Colorado Rockies coaching staff who was recorded seated in the captain’s chair while the plane was in flight, breaching safety protocols. This event occurred on April 10th during […]

Aviation Hobbies to Try in 2024

Do you love aviation and want to get more involved with it? It may be hard to get up and go fly on a plane every day, but with these three hobbies, you can get the best out of aviation with little to no experience. At the same time, you can learn more about aerodynamics, […]

Delta Air Lines Boeing 767 Evacuation Slide Deployed Accidentally at London Gatwick

Delta Air Lines flight DL63 from London Gatwick (LGW) to New York (JFK) experienced a delay due to the accidental deployment of an evacuation slide. The aircraft involved was a 26-year-old Boeing 767-300ER registered as N198DN operated by Delta Air Lines. Social media featured images of the mistakenly deployed evacuation slide showing the slide on […]

Boeing Whistleblower - Boeing 787 - photo by Artyom_Anikeev | iStock

Could ‘Break Up’: Boeing Whistleblower Alleges Structural Flaws in 787 Dreamliner

Boeing whistleblower allegations are confronting the company with claims that its 787 Dreamliner aircraft possess structural defects potentially leading to disintegration after thousands of flights. These allegations intensify the ongoing challenges for Boeing. The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) is examining these claims, initially reported by Boeing engineer Sam Salehpour, according to The New York Times. […]

Middle East Air Travel Impact Following Iran’s Retaliation on Israel

Major airlines across the Middle East announced they would resume operations in the region after canceling or rerouting some flights as Iran launched dozens of drones and missiles at Israel from Saturday night into Sunday. Emirates Airlines, which had canceled some of its flights and rerouted others due to temporary airspace closures in the region, […]

Dulles International Airport

Proposal to Rename Washington Dulles International Airport After Donald Trump

Republican lawmakers are proposing the renaming of Washington Dulles International Airport (IAD) to honor former and potentially future U.S. President Donald Trump. The bill was introduced by Republican House Representative Guy Reschenthaler on March 29, 2024, and referred to the House Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure. The title of the bill is “to designate the […]

Austrian Airlines - Photo by Dominik Berger-Severini via Austrian Airlines

Austrian Airlines Halts Flights to Iran Amid Regional Tensions

Austrian Airlines has suspended flights to Iran, following Lufthansa’s similar decision, due to rising regional tensions. Typically, the airline schedules six weekly flights between Vienna International Airport (VIE) and Tehran’s Imam Khomeini International Airport (IKA). “For Austrian Airlines, the safety of its passengers and crews has top priority. The situation in the Middle East is […]

Scoot Receives its First Embraer E190-E2 Aircraft

Scoot, the low-cost subsidiary of Singapore Airlines has officially received its first Embraer E190-E2 aircraft from the lessor Azorra during a formal ceremony held at Embraer’s facility in Brazil. This event is notable as it represents the first instance of a Singaporean airline acquiring an aircraft from the Brazilian manufacturer. The new aircraft has been […]

What Happened to Trump’s Airline: The Trump Shuttle?

Donald Trump is a name that conjures up images of real estate, reality TV, and, of course, politics. However, fewer may remember Trump’s foray into the airline industry with the Trump Shuttle. This venture was as bold and brash as Trump himself, featuring luxury amenities that were unprecedented for short commuter flights. The Trump Shuttle […]

Qantas’ Oldest A380 Returns to Commercial Service

Qantas’ first A380, VH-OQA, has returned to commercial service. This aircraft, 16.2 years old and the 14th A380 to be manufactured, carries the Manufacturer Serial Number (MSN) 014. Analysis of ch-aviation data indicates that the units MSN001 through MSN013 are either scrapped, preserved, or currently not in operation. Thus, VH-OQA is now the oldest A380 […]

Allegations Claims Some Quality Issues on Boeing 787 & 777

A Boeing quality engineer has reported allegations against the United States aircraft manufacturer, accusing it of compromising on processes for the Boeing 787 and 777 models. The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) is investigating these claims. Sam Salehpour, a longstanding employee, alleges the company has sidestepped its usual procedures to meet production deadlines, potentially affecting the […]

Ram Air Turbine (RAT): Aircraft’s Secret Weapon

In the realm of aviation, safety is paramount. One of the lesser-known yet crucial components of an aircraft’s safety system is the Ram Air Turbine (RAT). This article aims to shed light on the significance of the RAT and its role in ensuring the safety of aircraft and passengers. A Ram Air Turbine is a […]

Boeing and Airbus Discuss Splitting Operations of Key Supplier Spirit AeroSystems

Boeing and Airbus are reportedly in talks to divide the operations of their top supplier, Spirit AeroSystems Holdings Inc. This potential agreement comes in the wake of Spirit AeroSystems facing financial challenges, prompting discussions around restructuring the company’s operations to ensure stability and efficiency in the supply chain for both aerospace giants. Spirit AeroSystems is […]

NTSB Releases Initial Findings on UA2477 Runway Excursion Incident in Houston

The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) has published a preliminary report concerning a runway excursion incident involving United Airlines flight 2477 (UA2477). The event occurred on the morning of March 8, 2024, at George Bush Intercontinental Airport (IAH), when the Boeing 737-8 MAX, registered as N27290, veered off the runway while transitioning to a taxiway […]

Three Outstanding Examples of General Aviation Aircraft

In recent years, commercial aviation has gotten a massive upgrade. With new planes like the 787, A350, A220, and the recently developed C919, it has become more modern and advanced. But when we look at general aviation, everything looks old and outdated. Well, it is pretty hard to say it’s not, considering that the Cessna […]

Aviation for Aviators Welcomes the Arrival of the First Boeing 797 to Its Fleet

In a landmark moment for the aviation industry, Aviation for Aviators has announced the acquisition of 15 Boeing 797 aircraft. The company confirmed that the first of these state-of-the-art airplanes arrived yesterday, marking the beginning of a new era in air travel. Youssef Yahya, CEO of Aviation for Aviators, shared in a press release, “We […]

PIA Flight Attendant Arrested in Toronto

A Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) flight attendant was arrested in Toronto, Canada, for possession of multiple passports, as per ARY News. This incident aligns with a growing trend of PIA flight attendants absconding in Canada. Canadian officials detained Hina Sani, a PIA flight attendant, following her arrival in Toronto on Flight PK 789 from Lahore […]

Who Flies the Boeing 747 in 2024?

Following the end of Boeing’s 747 program in early 2023, commercial operations using this aircraft model have sustained their strength and consistency. Four carriers, based in Asia, the Middle East, and Europe, persist in offering routine services aboard the 747-400 and 747-8 variants. These operators are your best chance of getting a ride on the […]

Do Flight Crew Members Undergo Security Checks Similar to Passengers?

Do flight crew members, including pilots and flight attendants, undergo security checks similar to passengers? The vetting process for aircraft crew involves identity and security screenings as part of their employment requirements. Additionally, they are subject to multiple security and identification verifications at airports. Let’s figure it out! On April 7, 1994, FedEx DC-10 flight […]

Breaking: A Ground Collision Causes Serious Damage to an Emirates A380

A collision occurred at Domodedovo Airport, Moscow, today, (March 27, 2024) involving a truck and an Emirates Airbus A380. The Emirates-operated A380, registered A6-EDM, 13 years old was preparing for flight EK134 to Dubai when it was struck by a Mercedes truck, resulting in damage to the aircraft’s undercarriage. The flight EK133 had previously landed […]

How Long Can Commercial Aircraft Last?

Aircraft, similar to other machines, possess a predetermined lifespan. This lifespan hinges on the structural integrity’s capacity to endure flight-induced stresses. The principle of stressed skin serves as the basis for the aircraft’s structural design, where the skin, along with the frame, beams, and ribs, act as the primary load-bearing components. The lifespan of an […]

GE Aerospace To Become An Independent Company

General Electric has announced board approval for the separation of its energy segment, enabling the Aerospace division to operate as an independent company starting in April. This division, based in the US, manufactures engines for aircraft such as the Boeing 747-8, 777-300ER, and 787. Starting April 2, 2024, this unit will operate as GE Aerospace, […]

Breaking: Boeing CEO to Resign as 737 MAX Crisis Spurs Top Management Overhaul

Boeing has declared that David Calhoun, its President and CEO, will resign at the end of 2024. Additional executives will also retire or not pursue re-election. Following the incident with Alaska Airlines flight AS1282, where a door plug from a Boeing 737 MAX 9 was ejected, Calhoun addressed Boeing employees, indicating the event as a […]

Korean Air Orders 33 Airbus A350 Aircraft

Korean Air has disclosed its plans to enter into a significant contract with Airbus, for the purchase of 33 Airbus A350 aircraft. This acquisition encompasses both the -900 and -1000 variants of the A350. With this new order, Korean Air’s future deliveries will exceed 140 aircraft. In a recent statement, Korean Air announced its intention […]

Japan Airlines Orders 42 Aircraft from Boeing and Airbus

Japan Airlines has placed an order for 42 aircraft from Boeing and Airbus, which includes the Airbus A350-900, Airbus A321neo, and Boeing 787-9 models. This order represents the airline’s first purchase of a non-Boeing narrowbody aircraft. The distribution of the order consists of 32 Airbus and 10 Boeing aircraft, with deliveries expected to start in […]

FAA Says that Boeing Must Resolve Quality Issues Before Increasing 737 MAX Production Rate

Mike Whitaker, the adminstrator of the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), has made it clear that Boeing cannot ramp up its production of the Boeing 737 MAX until it addresses the quality issues identified by the regulator. Whitaker emphasized the importance of maintaining Boeing’s quality standards in a conversation with Reuters. He mentioned that discussions between […]

C-17 Globemaster III Overview

As you are looking out your window from your 30-story hotel room, a ginormous military aircraft flies 100 feet from you, passing in between skyscrapers. As you watch it soar by, you cannot help but think how spectacular the sight of this aircraft is. This may sound like a line from a comic book, but […]

What Are the Quietest Seats on a Plane?

Air travel can often overwhelm the senses, with bustling airports and the noise from numerous passengers onboard. For individuals seeking to sleep, work, or simply unwind in tranquility, knowing the quietest seats on a plane is crucial. This involves considering seat placement and the type of aircraft. In most modern passenger planes, like the popular […]

Korean Air to Build Asia’s Largest Engine Maintenance Facility

Engine problems have significantly impacted numerous airlines in the past five years, especially those that were early adopters of next-generation aircraft like the Boeing 787 and 737 or the Airbus A320neo Family. The introduction of new technology engines has faced challenges, leading to hundreds of aircraft being grounded due to engine reliability and durability concerns. […]

4 Outstanding Airlines in the United States (March 2024)

Choosing the airline to fly on is one of the hardest decisions to make while planning a trip. If you agree, then that means that you have made it to the best place. In this article, we will go over four airlines in the United States (Alaska Airlines, Southwest Airlines, Delta Air Lines, and Hawaiian […]

Celebrating Female Aviators on International Women’s Day

International Women’s Day, observed annually on March 8th, offers a moment to honor the remarkable contributions of women across various sectors, including the historically male-dominated field of aviation. This day underscores the importance of gender equality and recognizes the pioneering women who have navigated the skies, defying societal expectations and reshaping the aviation landscape. Here, […]

United Boeing 737-8 MAX Suffered a Main Gear Collapse During Landing at Houston

A runway incident involving a United Airlines Boeing 737 MAX 8 occurred at Houston George Bush Intercontinental Airport today. According to the latest updates from the airport, the aircraft veered off the taxiway, contradicting initial speculation of a gear collapse. This incident took place shortly after it was reported that a different United Airlines Boeing […]

Boeing 757 and Airbus A321…Which is Better?

The Boeing 757 and Airbus A321 are similar aircraft, but which one is the superior choice for airlines and freight operators? Let’s find out in this article. Variants First, let’s start out with the variants. The B757 has two main variants: The 757-200 and the 757-300. There are also cargo variants based on the 757-200, […]

Ethiopian Airlines Signs Deal for Up to 20 Boeing 777-9 Aircraft

Ethiopian Airlines, the leading airline in Africa, has finalized a landmark agreement with Boeing to acquire as many as 20 777-9 airplanes. This arrangement positions Ethiopian Airlines as the inaugural customer for the 777X series on the African continent. In a move to augment its fleet with Boeing’s most advanced widebody aircraft, the partnership between […]

American Airlines Orders Major Orders with Airbus, Boeing, and Embraer

American Airlines, currently holding the title for the largest fleet size worldwide, is set to expand further. The airline has placed an order for 260 new aircraft, with additional options and purchase rights for 193 more planes. In the previous year, the airline incorporated 31 new aircraft into its mainline fleet, including 17 Boeing 737 […]

Emirates CEO Indicates Boeing 777X Deliveries May Be Postponed Until 2026

Tim Clark, President of Emirates, has indicated a further delay in the airline receiving its first Boeing 777X aircraft, now potentially postponed to 2026. Originally set to commence service in 2020, this announcement marks another setback. Speaking at an Aviation Club event in London, Clark suggested that the delivery might occur in late 2025 or […]

IATA Proclaims 2023 as the ‘Safest Year in Aviation’

On February 28, the International Air Transport Association (IATA) unveiled its 2023 Annual Safety Report, proclaiming that 2023 was the safest year in aviation. The report documented 37 million flight operations over the past year, encompassing both jet-powered aircraft and turboprops, marking a 17% rise from 2022. This growth signals a robust rebound from the […]

Traffic Collision Avoidance System (TCAS)

In the realm of aviation safety, the Traffic Collision Avoidance System (TCAS) stands as a pivotal technology, playing a crucial role in preventing mid-air collisions between aircraft. Since its introduction, TCAS has become an indispensable tool for pilots and air traffic controllers, significantly reducing the risk of accidents in congested airspace. This article delves into […]

Zayed International Airport, the New Name of the Abu Dhabi Airport

On 9 February 2024, the Abu Dhabi Airport was officially named the Zayed International Airport. Abu Dhabi Airport is the second busiest airport in the UAE after the Dubai International Airport. Last year, President Sheikh Mohamed announced the intention of changing the name of the Abu Dhabi Airport to Zayed International Airport. So, what is […]

Air France Flight 296: The Demonstration flight that Turned Into a Disaster!

On June 26, 1988, Air France Flight 296, a demonstration flight of the Airbus A320, ended in disaster at the Mulhouse-Habsheim Airport in France. This incident serves as a somber reminder of the risks involved in aviation and the importance of thorough safety protocols. Purpose of the demonstration and accident The demonstration flight was part […]

Will Airbus Make an A380neo?

Introduced in 2007, the Airbus A380 was initially hailed as a groundbreaking aircraft for the long-haul sector, offering unmatched capacity due to its double-decker configuration. So, as with many other aircraft types, will Airbus make another version of the a380, like an a380neo or a380plus? However, the relevance of the Airbus A380 in the evolving […]

How Much Could a Jet Engine Cost?

Jet engines rank among the most intricate creations in engineering, incorporating advanced materials, solid engineering principles, and meticulous manufacturing processes. The dedication to research, development, mass production, and rigorous testing of these engines is considerable. In this article, we will discuss how much could a jet engine cost. Commercial jet engine producers typically keep their […]

Pakistan Finalizes Strategy to Sell Pakistan International Airlines (PIA)

Pakistan is moving forward with plans to sell its flagship carrier, Pakistan International Airlines (PIA), as a key component of a wider strategy to reform its economically distressed state-owned enterprises. This decision aligns with the requirements of an agreement with the International Monetary Fund (IMF) for a $3 billion financial rescue package. A report from […]

Southwest Airlines Announces Comprehensive Cabin Redesign and New Uniform Initiative

Southwest Airlines has unveiled plans for a comprehensive cabin redesign featuring modernized seats and an updated uniform for its employees. In its quest for a revamped cabin, Southwest Airlines collaborated with Tangerine, a firm specializing in transportation design. The redesign effort was informed by thorough research into customer and employee preferences regarding color, comfort, and […]

Global Airlines

Global Airlines Acquires First Airbus A380

Global Airlines has officially acquired its first aircraft. The A380, identified by Manufacturer’s Serial Number (MSN) 120, was registered in Malta today, bearing the registration 9H-GLOBL. Despite facing significant skepticism over its strategy to operate the Airbus A380 and its aggressive launch schedule, Global Airlines has demonstrated a concrete advancement in its operational setup with […]

EgyptAir Sells Its Airbus A220 Fleet

EgyptAir is selling its entire fleet of 12 Airbus A220-300 aircraft to the aircraft leasing company Azorra. As EgyptAir holds full ownership of these aircraft, the sale is expected to significantly augment its financial reserves. The airline’s Airbus A220-300 fleet is notably modern, with ch-aviation statistics indicating an average age of 4.1 years for these […]

Why “Delta Air Lines” Not “Delta Airlines”?

Have you ever noticed that Delta Air Lines, one of the major airlines of the United States, is spelled as three separate words; “Delta”, “Air” and “Lines”? Indeed, the name “Delta Air Lines,” spelled as three separate words, has an interesting historical and branding significance. This naming convention has its roots in the early days […]

Alaska Airlines Resumes Operations with Boeing 737 MAX 9 Aircraft

Alaska Airlines has recommenced operations with its Boeing 737 MAX 9 aircraft, following a three-week suspension due to a door plug detachment incident on one of its planes over Portland. The airline’s inaugural MAX 9 flight post-grounding departed from Seattle, heading to San Diego on Friday afternoon. The airline has reintegrated the MAX 9 into […]

Ilyushin Il-76 Russian Aircraft Crashed Near Ukraine Border

An Ilyushin Il-76 aircraft from Russia crashed in the Belgorod Oblast, adjacent to three Ukrainian Oblasts: Luhansk, Kharkiv, and Sumy. Reports from local media indicate that the crash occurred around 11:00 local time (UTC +3), with multiple videos recording the moment the Il-76 hit the ground. The aircraft was transporting Ukrainian prisoners of war (POWs), […]

FAA Recommends Airlines to Perform Door Plug Inspections on Boeing 737-900ER Aircraft

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) advised airlines operating the Boeing 737-900ER late on Sunday to conduct visual inspections of the door plugs on the mid-exits of this variant. This recommendation follows the recent incident involving an Alaska Airlines Boeing 737 MAX 9, which resulted in the grounding of over 170 aircraft of this type earlier […]

Air France A350 Tail Strike During Landing at Toronto

On January 21, 2024, an Air France Airbus A350 experienced a tail strike while landing at Toronto Pearson International Airport (YYZ). Operating flight AF356 from Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport (CDG), the Airbus A350-900 encountered the incident during its landing phase. As it approached Runway 24L, the aircraft bounced upon touchdown, causing its tail assembly […]

Revolutionizing Skies: Unveiling the Exciting Breakthroughs at Wings India 2024

As Wings India 2024 concludes we bring you in this article the most highlights of the event, and this includes the debut of Air India’s A350 and Boeing’s 777 X in India. So let’s delve into the details. High Flying Extravaganza: Partner States and Spectacular Displays at Wings India 2024. Get ready India for an […]

The Airbus’ ZEROe Project: Everything You Need to Know

Following the recent achievement in validating the hydrogen fuel cell system, named the ‘iron pad,’ Airbus plans to implement this fuel cell propulsion system on its ZEROe test aircraft, an Airbus A380 with the registration F-WWOW. This in-flight testing is scheduled for 2026. In June 2023, Airbus’ team accomplished a significant milestone by testing the […]

Air Belgium A330neo

Air Belgium is Retiring Airbus A330neo Fleet Due to Engine Problems

Belgian news outlets today reported that Air Belgium is set to retire its two A330neo aircraft, attributing the decision to persistent engine problems and unproductive negotiations with Airbus, the aircraft manufacturer. The financially troubled Air Belgium has recently been in the news in Belgium following a local court’s decision to extend its Judicial Reorganisation Procedure […]

Scotland Authorities Arrest United Airlines Pilot for Carrying a Taser in Luggage

At approximately 09:00 local time on January 20, 2024, an incident involving a United Airlines pilot occurred at Edinburgh Airport (EDI) as the pilot was arrested after security personnel reportedly found a Taser in his checked luggage. This incident took place at a security checkpoint while the pilot was preparing for a transatlantic flight to […]

How Much Does a Flight Attendant Make a Year?

How Much Does a Flight Attendant Make a Year?

The aviation industry, a dynamic and ever-evolving sector, offers a range of career opportunities. Among these, the role of a flight attendant stands out for its unique blend of customer service and safety responsibilities. A key question that often arises for individuals considering this career path is: How much does a flight attendant make a […]

Breaking: JetBlue and Spirit Airlines File an Appeal Against Merger Decision

In a recent development, JetBlue and Spirit Airlines escalated their merger conflict by jointly submitting an appeal to the U.S. Court of Appeals for the First Circuit. This action follows a federal judge’s decision to block their planned merger, aligning with the U.S. Justice Department’s stance that the merger could diminish competition in the airline […]

Atlas Air Boeing 747 Makes an Emergency Landing Due to Engine Fire

An incident involving an Atlas Air Boeing 747-8F, identified as N859GT, necessitated its return to Miami International Airport (MIA) shortly after takeoff. Social media videos showed the aircraft’s engine emitting flames, a sign of a compressor stall/surge. This cargo flight, under the call sign 5Y 95, was en route from MIA to San Juan Luis […]

US Federal Judge Blocks JetBlue and Spirit Merger

A US federal judge has ruled against the proposed merger between JetBlue and Spirit Airlines, marking a win for the Department of Justice (DOJ). The DOJ had opposed the merger, arguing it would lead to increased airfares. Announced in July 2022, this merger was scrutinized after Frontier Airlines expressed interest in acquiring Spirit. The trial, […]

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Emirates to Hire 5,000 Cabin Crew this Year

Emirates plans to hire 5,000 more cabin crew members this year to accommodate its expanding fleet. In the previous year, over 8,000 cabin crew were added as the airline recovered impressively from the pandemic, raising its total cabin crew count to approximately 21,500. The airline’s new hiring initiative includes hosting open days and assessments in […]

fighter jet plane

Is It Possible for Civilians to Own Fighter Jets?

The idea of civilians owning fighter jets may seem like an imaginative concept from a movie. However, it is a real possibility, albeit challenging and costly. This article delves into this fascinating topic, exploring the ethical considerations, procedures, and consequences of civilians having fighter jets. Seriously… Is it possible? In the United States, it’s legal […]

Miracle on the Hudson

15 Years ago Today: Miracle on the Hudson

It has been 15 years since the “Miracle on the Hudson”, when US Airways Flight 1549 made history by successfully ditching in the Hudson River, resulting in no fatalities. This event is considered one of aviation’s greatest survival stories. As we reflect on the 15th anniversary of this incident, let’s delve into the story of […]

Wings India 2024: Hyderabad Gears Up for the Largest Civil Aviation Event in Asia

Hyderabad is abuzz with excitement as it prepares to host Wings India 2024, a highly anticipated aviation extravaganza. The meticulously organized event by the Civil Aviation Ministry in collaboration with the Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce & Industry (FICCI) stands out as one of Asia’s most significant civil aviation air shows. Scheduled to take […]

become flight attendant

How to Become a Flight Attendant?

Flight attendants play a crucial role in the airline industry, supporting passengers on both commercial and business flights. Their responsibilities extend from pre-flight preparations to ensuring passenger safety post-landing. Recognizing the breadth of a flight attendant’s role is key in assessing if this career aligns with your lifestyle. This article delves into the pathway to […]

Alaska Airlines Offers $1500 as Compensation to Passengers of Flight 1282

Alaska Airlines has announced that passengers on Flight 1282 from last Friday will receive $1,500 each as compensation. In addition, they will be provided a complete refund for their flight and have the opportunity to attend counseling sessions due to the distressing experience. This week, the airline communicated with all the passengers of the flight […]

Delta Air Lines Orders 20 Airbus A350-1000 Aircraft

Delta Air Lines has taken a significant step in modernizing its fleet by placing its first order for 20 Airbus A350-1000 aircraft. This order introduces a new aircraft type to Delta’s already diverse fleet. Christian Scherer, the Chief Executive Officer of Airbus’ Commercial Aircraft business, expressed gratitude for Delta’s trust in Airbus solutions. Delta, known […]

United Airlines Airbus A319 Makes an Emergency Landing Due to a Door Warning Alert

A United Airlines Airbus A319 traveling from Sarasota Bradenton International Airport (SRQ) to Chicago O’Hare (ORD) earlier this week was forced to divert and make an emergency landing due to a door warning alert. The light showed in the cockpit immediately after the flight took off, resulting in a two-hour delay. The incident occurred on […]

Boeing CEO Acknowledges Responsibility in Alaska Airlines 737 MAX Incident

Boeing CEO Dave Calhoun has openly acknowledged the company’s responsibility in the recent Alaska Airlines 737 MAX incident. In a significant move towards transparency, Calhoun assured full cooperation in the ongoing investigation during a safety meeting with employees at the Renton factory. This incident, involving Flight 1282, has further shaken the already fragile trust in […]

EVA Air Orders 18 Airbus A350-1000s and 15 A321neos

EVA Air has embarked on a significant fleet expansion and modernization program by finalizing a firm order with Airbus. This strategic acquisition includes 18 advanced long-range A350-1000s and 15 A321neo aircraft, marking a substantial enhancement to EVA Air’s operational capabilities. The move places EVA Air among the leading global carriers opting for the A350-1000 for […]

A Dead Body Was Found on A Jet2 Flight Plane Toilets

Last Tuesday, January 2nd, Jet2 flight LS918, en route from Tenerife to Manchester, faced an unforeseen and somber diversion to Cork Airport following a distressing discovery onboard. Passengers, having noticed that a man had been in the airplane’s toilet for an unusually long time, raised the alarm to the cabin crew. This led to the […]

Alaska Airlines 737 MAX 9 Incident: The Lost Mid-Aft Door and an iPhone Were Found

In an unexpected turn of events following the alarming incident involving Alaska Airlines flight AS1282, a Portland resident, Sean Bates, made a remarkable discovery. While walking along Barnes Road in Portland, Oregon, Bates found an iPhone that, astonishingly, had survived a fall from approximately 16,000 feet. The device, still functioning and half-charged, displayed a baggage […]

Breaking: United Finds Loose Bolts on Boeing 737 MAX 9 Aircraft Plug Doors

United Airlines, one of the world’s largest operators of the Boeing 737 MAX 9, has recently discovered several loose bolts in the door plug installations on some of its aircraft. This revelation comes in the wake of a serious incident involving an Alaska Airlines 737 MAX 9, where an emergency exit door plug was blown […]

Boom Supersonic Gears Up for XB-1 High-Speed Taxi Tests

Boom Supersonic has announced its imminent plans to conduct the first high-speed taxi tests of its XB-1 demonstrator, marking a pivotal moment in the quest to bring back supersonic travel. This announcement comes as part of the company’s journey toward the much-anticipated first flight, initially slated for 2023 but now expected in early 2024 due […]

Boeing 737 MAX 9

FAA Orders to Ground Boeing 737 MAX 9 Aircraft Globally After Alaska Airlines Incident

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) ordered the grounding of 171 Boeing 737 MAX 9 aircraft worldwide. This decision came after a distressing incident involving an Alaska Airlines flight where a mid-aft door, window, and seat were lost during takeoff, leading to rapid decompression and an emergency landing at Portland International Airport (PDX). The FAA’s directive […]

Alaska Airlines 737-9 MAX Exit Door Separates During Flight And the Airline to Ground Entire Boeing 737 MAX 9 Fleet 

In a startling mid-flight incident, an Alaska Airlines 737-9 MAX lost its rear mid-cabin exit door shortly after takeoff from Portland, heading towards Ontario, California. The aircraft, registered as N704AL, was carrying 171 passengers and six crew members when the door assembly separated, leading to an immediate diversion back to Portland. This unusual event occurred […]

British Airways Flight Attendant Dies in Front of Passengers Moments Before Takeoff

A 52-year-old British Airways flight attendant tragically died on New Year’s Eve, collapsing in front of passengers just moments before takeoff from London Heathrow Airport. The flight, bound for Hong Kong, had already boarded and prepared for departure when the crew member fell ill in the rear galley. The tragic event occurred on December 30, […]

Haneda Airport Collision

Investigation Begins in Haneda Airport Collision

The investigation work has begun looking into the devastating collision at Tokyo’s Haneda Airport involving a Japan Airlines Airbus A350-900 and a Japanese Coast Guard De Havilland Canada-8-Q300, also referred to as the MA722 Mizunagi-1. This tragic incident resulted in the loss of five lives onboard the Coast Guard aircraft, with Japanese authorities now deeply […]

Video: Japan Airlines Airbus A350 Catches Fire at Tokyo Haneda Airport

An Airbus A350 operated by Japan Airlines was involved in a severe incident as it landed at Tokyo’s Haneda Airport, with flames visibly engulfing parts of the fuselage. Operating flight JL516 from Sapporo, the aircraft, registered as JA13XJ, touched down in Tokyo around 17:47 local time. Eyewitnesses captured footage showing the aircraft ablaze, particularly around […]

What Makes Planes Always Take “The Longer Way”?

We all have experienced getting bored on our flights, trying to pass the time on board, and playing with our stuff, you might think of looking up at the inflight map, and see that the determined route for the plane seems to be always chosen curved and long – apparently on purpose! In this article, […]

How Aircraft Refuel in the Air?

When your car runs out of fuel, the first thought that comes to your mind is to rush to the nearest gas station. But if you’re an F-22 Raptor, who was running low on fuel at 40,000ft, what do you do? Obviously, you would not nose-dive the jet 90 degrees and try to glide it […]

anonymous pilots in aircraft cockpit flying over sea

How Pilots Communicate With ATC When Flying Over the Oceans?

Ever wondered how pilots communicate with air traffic controllers on the ground when flying over the oceans? Air traffic controllers typically pick up aircraft using radar technology which is only about 200 miles off the coast. But, what after that, how communication over oceanic routes is accomplished? After flying further than 200 miles over the […]

What’s The Story Behind JetBlue’s Nose Gear Incident?

On September 21, 2005, 18 years ago, a JetBlue flight from Burbank to New York City had to make an emergency landing at Los Angeles International Airport. The incident was brought on by the nose gear failing. But what transpired that day? Let’s look at it more. JetBlue operates flight 292 regularly between Bob Hope […]

Flight Review: WIZZ Air UK From Slovakia to London

Wizz Air, along with major competitor Ryanair, is often overlooked as being the cheapest of cheap. If you look at other reviews, they tend to focus mainly on the quality of the product and rarely take into account the price at which the seat was bought. Join me as I review Wizz Air UK’s product […]

Air India Airbus A350 Delivery

Air India Welcomes First Airbus A350

Air India has taken delivery of its first Airbus A350-900, becoming the first airline in the country to operate this advanced widebody aircraft. The A350-900, registered as VT-JRA, landed at Delhi’s Indira Gandhi International Airport, marking a significant step in Air India’s fleet modernization journey. This event follows months of meticulous preparation and regulatory approvals […]

Ethiopian Airlines ET715 Veers Off the Runway at Oslo Airport

On the snowy evening of December 21, a seemingly routine journey turned abrupt for an Ethiopian Airlines Boeing 787-8, registered ET-ATH, at Oslo Airport, Norway. Destined for Stockholm Arlanda, Sweden, as flight ET715, the aircraft veered off the right side of runway 01L during the early acceleration phase of takeoff. This incident occurred amid the […]

Busiest Airports of 2023

Revealed: The Busiest Airports of 2023

In 2023, the landscape of global air travel witnessed notable changes, with certain airports emerging as key players in handling passenger traffic. Drawing on data from OAG.com, this article delves into the busiest airports of 2023 globally. Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport (ATL) retains its top spot, while other airports like Dubai International and Tokyo Haneda […]

Interview with SWISS CEO Dieter Vranckx on Sustainability and New Routes

One of the leading airlines in the Star Alliance and Lufthansa Group, SWISS served a grand total of 12.8 million passengers in 2022. While the airline progresses on the road to recovery from the pandemic, it is continuing to expand with the addition of new routes and the creation of environmental initiatives. As the carrier […]

easyJet Airbus A320neo Order

easyJet Orders 157 Airbus A320neo Family Aircraft

easyJet has taken a significant step in its fleet renewal and upgauging strategy by confirming a substantial order of 157 Airbus A320neo Family aircraft. This firm order, which has received shareholder approval, is a blend of 56 A320neo and 101 A321neo aircraft. It also includes the conversion of an existing order for 35 A320neo into […]

Lufthansa A220

Lufthansa Group Orders 200 Aircraft

Lufthansa Group has marked a significant expansion in its fleet with the order of 200 aircraft, valued at $9 billion at list prices. This order, encompassing 80 firm orders and 120 options, spans three distinct aircraft families: the Airbus A220, Airbus A320neo, and Boeing 737 MAX. The delivery of these aircraft is scheduled between 2026 […]

IndiGo Announced an Expansion of its Operations Into Thailand

IndiGo, India’s largest low-cost carrier, has announced significant expansions, including the introduction of a new route from Bengaluru to Phuket in Thailand and an increased frequency of services from Mumbai. Commencing operations on February 28, 2024, the new route from Bengaluru to Phuket will be serviced six times weekly, utilizing Airbus A320 family aircraft for […]

Japan Airlines has Received its First Airbus A350-1000

In a remarkable display of Japanese innovation, Japan Airlines (JAL) has recently taken delivery of its new A350-1000 aircraft, setting a new standard for in-flight luxury and passenger experience. Revolutionizing In-Flight Entertainment: JAL’s Headset-Free Experience. JAL’s groundbreaking in-flight entertainment system is a first-of-its-kind innovation that eliminates the need for traditional headsets. Passengers can now enjoy […]

Why You Should Never Share a Picture of Your Boarding Pass on the Social Networks?

In the age of social media, it’s become increasingly common for travelers to post photos of their boarding passes online, especially on platforms like Instagram or Facebook often accompanied by the hashtag #boardingpass. While this might seem like a harmless way to share exciting travel plans or start a journey story, security experts warn against […]

Air India’s Substantial Airbus Order Has Experienced Significant Alterations: More A350-900s and A321 neos

Air India has recently announced significant modifications to its Airbus aircraft order, signaling a strategic shift in its fleet composition. The adjustments showcase a nuanced approach, emphasizing the acquisition of more A350-900s and A321neos to meet the airline’s evolving operational requirements. Balancing Widebody Fleet: In a noteworthy move, Air India has restructured its widebody aircraft […]

Avolon Orders100 Extra Airbus A321neo Aircraft

Avolon, the renowned international aircraft leasing company, has made a significant move in the aviation industry by placing a firm order for 100 Airbus A321neo aircraft. This substantial order brings Avolon’s total A321neo count to an impressive 190, solidifying its position as a key player in the single-aisle aircraft market. The deal not only reinforces […]

Cathay Pacific Expands Cargo Fleet with Airbus A350F Purchase

Hong Kong’s flagship airline, Cathay Pacific, has made a significant stride in expanding its cargo division, Cathay Cargo, by signing a purchase agreement for six Airbus A350F aircraft. This move positions the A350F as a central element in Cathay Pacific’s future fleet, enhancing the airline’s operational efficiency across its extensive network. The acquisition of the […]


9 Must-Subscribe Aviation YouTube Channels for Fans

Flying is fascinating for everyone. We all have childhood memories of chasing airplane shadows in the sky or experiencing our first flight. As kids, many of us dream of becoming aeronautic engineers or pilots, but only a few succeed in achieving that dream. Since not everyone can experience real flights, here are some exceptional Aviation […]

A New Step Towards Progress, Riyadh Air and Turkish Air Sign a Strategic Partnership

In recent years, The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has witnessed great progress in many fields, especially in aviation, from buying new planes to cooperating with other Airlines. Top of these Airlines is Turkish Air, which signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Riyadh Air for a strategic partnership. So, what does this MoU offer for […]

Alaska Airlines to Acquire Hawaiian Airlines for $1.9 Billion

On Sunday, Alaskan Airlines announced its plans to buy Hawaiian Airlines for $1.9 billion. This announcement comes after a series of struggles for Hawaiian Airlines in recent years. Hawaiian Airlines has struggled to recover from the pandemic, posting net losses every year since 2020. This year, Hawaiian Airlines has also been dealing with a decrease […]

Emirates Airbus A340

Before the Airbus A380 and Boeing 777, What Did Emirates fly?

The story of Emirates’ fleet begins much humbler than the image of the vast hub carrier it’s known as today. Commencing operations in October 1985, Emirates’ initial flights to Karachi and Mumbai were on a much smaller scale, utilizing an Airbus A300 and a Boeing 737-300, both loaned from Pakistan International Airlines (PIA). This marked […]

Etihad and Air France-KLM Forge Strategic Partnership to Elevate Frequent Flyer Programs

In a significant development for the aviation industry, Etihad Airways and Air France-KLM have recently announced a strategic partnership aimed at enriching the experience of their frequent flyers. This collaboration is set to redefine the landscape of loyalty programs, offering members unprecedented opportunities to earn and redeem miles seamlessly across both airline networks. One of […]

Qatar Airways Renews Partnership with FIFA, Continuing as Global Airline Partner

Qatar Airways has solidified its position in the world of international soccer by renewing its partnership with FIFA. This extension, announced on November 22, 2023, continues a relationship that began in 2017 and comes a year after the opening game of the FIFA World Cup 2022 in Qatar. The renewed deal positions Qatar Airways as […]

FAA Approves Boeing MAX 10 for Flight Testing

The US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has recently granted Boeing approval to launch flight tests for its latest aircraft, the 737 MAX 10. This development, as reported by Reuters and confirmed in a Boeing internal memo, marks a significant milestone for the high-capacity variant of the 737 MAX airframe. The FAA’s type inspection authorization is […]

Emirates is The World’s First Airline to Fly an A380 Demonstration Flight Using 100% Sustainable Aviation Fuel

Emirates has set a new benchmark in aviation sustainability by becoming the world’s first airline to operate an Airbus A380 demonstration flight entirely on 100% Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF). This flight took off from Dubai International Airport (DXB), signifying a major step towards environmentally responsible aviation. The flight, powered by one of four engines running […]

two pilots flying an airplane

What Do Pilots Do When Autopilot is in Control During Flights?

Have you ever wondered what pilots are actually doing in the cockpit while cruising tens of thousands of feet in the air, especially when the autopilot is engaged? It’s a common misconception that pilots are just passive observers during these phases of flight. In reality, their role is far more complex and dynamic. Let’s figure […]


Sources: Saudia Is Set To Relocate From Riyadh By 2030

According to Airways magazine, Saudia is set to relocate from Riyadh by 2030, leaving the capital of Saudi Arabia exclusively under the management of Riyadh Air. The airline plans to shift its focus to developing the “Jeddah Hub” project, a key component of its “New Era” initiative. Peter Bellew, the Chief Operating Officer of Riyadh […]

Dubai Airshow 2023 Final Recap

The Dubai Airshow 2023 has concluded after being a focal point for major aviation deals, with several airlines and lessors announcing significant orders with leading manufacturers like Airbus, Boeing, and ATR. While the initial days of the airshow were bustling with activity and big announcements, the latter part of the event entered a quieter phase. […]

EGYPTAIR To Be The First Airline in Africa to Commit To Panasonic Avionics’ Astrova

EGYPTAIR, having recently garnered attention at the 2023 Dubai Airshow for its widebody aircraft order, is now making waves as the first African airline to commit to Panasonic Avionics’ Astrova In-Flight Entertainment (IFE) system. Breaking news from @DubaiAirshow – @EGYPTAIR is the first airline in Africa to commit to Astrova from @PanasonicAero Our new IFE […]

Emirates orders 15 more Airbus A350-900s

Under the leadership of Chairman and Chief Executive HH Sheikh Ahmed bin Saeed Al Maktoum, Emirates Airlines and Group announced plans to augment its fleet with additional Airbus A350-900 orders during the ongoing Dubai Airshow. This decision reflects the airline’s commitment to expanding its operational capabilities, particularly for long-haul routes up to 15 hours of […]

flydubai Announces Plans for $190 Million MRO Facility in Dubai South

United Arab Emirates-based carrier Flydubai is set to enhance its maintenance capabilities with a new, purpose-built Maintenance, Repair, and Overhaul (MRO) facility at Dubai South. This development, announced alongside Emirates’ substantial maintenance presence near Dubai’s Al Maktoum airport, represents a $190 million investment by Flydubai, scheduled for completion by 2026. This strategic initiative aligns with […]

Ethiopian Airlines Expands Fleet with Additional Airbus A350-900s

Ethiopian Airlines Group, the flagship carrier of Ethiopia, signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) for 11 additional Airbus A350-900 aircraft. This agreement, announced at the Dubai Airshow, elevates Ethiopian Airlines’ total A350 order book and commitments to 33 aircraft, which includes four A350-1000s. The addition of these new A350-900s solidifies Ethiopian Airlines’ status as Africa’s […]

Emirates Invests $950 Million in New Engineering Facility at Dubai World Central

Emirates Airlines has announced a significant investment of $950 million to construct an ultra-modern engineering facility at Dubai World Central (DWC). This state-of-the-art complex, covering 1 million square meters, is poised to become the largest and most advanced airline-operated engineering facility globally. This investment not only enhances Dubai’s aviation infrastructure but also signals Emirates’ confidence […]

Ethiopian Airlines Marks Historic Boeing Purchase at Dubai Airshow

In a landmark agreement at the Dubai Airshow, Ethiopian Airlines has set a new standard in African aviation history with its largest-ever purchase of Boeing airplanes. The carrier has committed to ordering 11 787 Dreamliners and 20 737 MAX airplanes, with the potential for an additional 15 and 21 jets, respectively. This significant order underscores […]

Oman Air Expands Cargo Capacity with First Boeing 737-800 Converted Freighter

Boeing and Oman Air have made a significant announcement at the Dubai Airshow, revealing the order and delivery of Oman Air’s first Boeing 737-800 Converted Freighter (BCF). This marks Oman Air’s entry into the dedicated cargo aircraft sector, representing a strategic expansion for the Muscat-based carrier. The decision to incorporate the 737-800BCF into its fleet […]

SCAT Airlines Orders Seven 737 MAX Jets at Dubai Airshow 2023

Boeing and SCAT Airlines, based in Şhymkent, Kazakhstan, announced a new order for seven 737-8 airplanes at the Dubai Airshow. This latest addition is set to nearly double SCAT’s 737 MAX fleet, reflecting the airline’s strategic focus on expansion and modernization. The decision to increase the 737 fleet underlines SCAT Airlines’ commitment to enhancing its […]

EGYPTAIR Orders 10 Airbus A350-900 at Dubai Airshow 2023

At the beginning of the second day of Dubai Airshow 2023, EGYPTAIR announced a significant addition to its fleet with an order for 10 Airbus A350-900 aircraft. This acquisition represents a major step in the airline’s strategy to enhance its global route network and improve operational efficiency. EGYPTAIR’s decision to invest in the A350-900 aligns […]

Dubai Airshow 2023 Day 1 Roundup

Day one of the Dubai Airshow 2023 has been a bustling hub of activity, marked by significant deals and strategic partnerships. The show, which runs from November 13-17, is renowned as the largest aerospace and defense event in the Middle East and has attracted global attention for the substantial aircraft orders expected to be announced. […]

Royal Air Maroc Confirms Order for Two Boeing 787 Dreamliners

Boeing and Royal Air Maroc have announced a key development at the Dubai Airshow: the North African carrier has placed a repeat order for the Boeing 787 Dreamliner, confirming two 787-9s in its expanding widebody fleet. This addition builds upon Royal Air Maroc’s existing fleet of nine Dreamliners, reflecting the airline’s reliance on the 787 […]

Royal Jordanian Orders Four More Boeing 787-9 Dreamliners To Its Fleet At The Dubai Airshow

At the Dubai Airshow, Boeing and Royal Jordanian have jointly announced a significant order for four 787-9 Dreamliner jets, marking a strategic step in the airline’s fleet expansion and modernization efforts. This new order, combined with the reconfirmation of a previous order for two 787-9s, brings Royal Jordanian’s total backlog for the 787-9 to six […]

airBaltic Secures Major Airbus A220-300 Order at Dubai Airshow 2023

Latvian carrier airBaltic has made a significant move at the Dubai Airshow 2023, placing the first Airbus order of the event. The airline signed a firm agreement to purchase 30 Airbus A220-300 aircraft, along with purchase rights for an additional 20. This order is a pivotal step in airBaltic’s growth strategy, aiming to expand its […]

EgyptAir Expands Fleet with First Boeing 737 MAX Order At Dubai Airshow 2023

EgyptAir, Egypt’s flag carrier, has made a significant move in its fleet expansion by ordering its first Boeing 737 MAX aircraft at Dubai Airshow 2023. The airline has entered into a lease agreement with Air Lease Corporation (ALC) for a total of 18 Boeing 737 MAXs. These deliveries, scheduled between 2025 and 2026, mark a […]

flyDubai Has Signed An Order For The First Widebodies In Its History At Dubai Airshow 2023

In a significant development at the Dubai Airshow, flyDubai has taken a bold step into the widebody aircraft segment, marking a new chapter in its aviation journey. The Dubai-based low-cost carrier has finalized a firm order with Boeing for 30 787-9 Dreamliners. This order represents flyDubai’s first foray into widebody aircraft, a move that reflects […]

Emirates Expands Boeing 777X Orders to 205 at Dubai Airshow 2023

In a significant move at the Dubai Airshow 2023, Emirates has dramatically increased its Boeing 777X orders, bringing the total to 205 aircraft. This major order consists of 90 additional 777X aircraft, showcasing Emirates’ ongoing commitment to expanding and modernizing its fleet. The deal represents a significant vote of confidence in Boeing’s latest widebody offering […]

Dubai Airshow 2023 Flying Display Schedule – Monday, November 13th

Here’s the flying display schedule of the opening day of the Dubai Airshow, showcasing an exciting array of aircraft displays: Display Times UAE Formation Fly-Past 14:00-14:10 Frecce Tricolori 14:10-14:35 Boeing 777-9 14:35-14:43 F-16 Falcon 14:43-14:51 Bader 250 14:51-14:57 KUH (Helicopter) 14:57-15:04 Lockheed Martin F-35 15:04-15:15 Dassault Rafale 15:15-15:25 Russian Knights 15:25-15:50 JF-17 Thunder 15:50-15:58 McDonnell […]

SunExpress Kicks Off Dubai Airshow 2023 with Major Boeing 737 MAX Order

SunExpress, the Turkey-based low-cost carrier, has made a splash at the Dubai Airshow 2023 by placing an order for up to 90 Boeing 737 MAX aircraft. This significant deal, which includes 45 firm orders and an option for 45 more, marks SunExpress as the first airline to announce a major order at this year’s event. […]

Riyadh Air Unveils Their Second Livery Ahead of the Dubai Air Show 2023

As the aviation industry gears up for the Dubai Air Show 2023, Riyadh Air, Saudi Arabia’s emerging start-up carrier, has made a striking entrance by unveiling its second livery. This reveal, showcased on their social media platforms, features an iconic iridescent shade that captures attention and sets a vibrant tone for the event. This strategic […]

Boeing Forecasts for Dubai Airshow 2023: Demand Of 3K Aircraft in Middle East

As the 2023 Dubai Airshow draws near, all eyes are on the latest industry predictions, particularly the Dubai Airshow 2023 Forecasts from Boeing. This eagerly awaited event, starting Monday, promises to be a focal point for the aviation sector, offering insights into future trends and significant aircraft deals. Boeing has reaffirmed its 2023-2042 Commercial Market […]

Dubai Airshow 2023: What to Expect from this Edition?

As the Dubai Airshow 2023 countdown begins, the aviation industry is buzzing with anticipation. Scheduled to take place from November 13th to November 17th at the Al Maktoum International Airport, more commonly known as Dubai World Central, this event is a highlight in the aviation calendar. Open exclusively to aviation professionals, the biennial event promises […]

Emirates A380

Emirates A380 Fleet Future: Confirmed to Fly Until The 2040s

In a landmark announcement defining the Emirates A380 Fleet Future, the airline’s President, Tim Clark, has confirmed that the A380 will continue to be a key player in their fleet well into the 2040s. With this commitment, Emirates showcases its faith in the A380’s sustained relevance, combining operational efficiency with the aircraft’s unique appeal to […]

Dubai Airshow 2023 Aircraft Lineup

The aviation industry eagerly anticipates the opening of the Dubai Airshow at Dubai World Central Airport, a grand event that is expected to showcase over 1,400 exhibitors and more than 180 aircraft. This premier airshow will feature an array of commercial aircraft from globally recognized manufacturers and airlines, presenting a unique opportunity for aviation enthusiasts […]

Riyadh Air new Livery

Riyadh Air Set to Unveil New Livery at Dubai Airshow

Saudi Arabia’s national airline, Riyadh Air, is poised to present a new livery for its wide-body fleet at the much-anticipated Dubai Airshow. CEO Tony Douglas hinted at the exciting reveal, suggesting that the new design will surpass the original, which made its debut at the Paris Air Show. This development is in line with Riyadh […]

Following a Report of a Ransomware Attack, Boeing Confirms a Cyber Incident

A recent Friday revelation from TechCrunch has brought to light that aerospace giant Boeing has been ensnared in a cyber attack attributed to the LockBit ransomware gang. This unwelcome development places Boeing on a list of approximately 1,800 victims who have suffered at the hands of this cybercriminal group. Boeing’s spokesperson, Jim Proulx, confirmed the […]

Boeing China Operations

Boeing To Restart Manufacturing Operations in China

Boeing stands on the threshold of a significant opportunity as it prepares to resume its delivery services in China, expected as soon as mid-November. This comes as the aviation giant seeks to capitalize on China’s rapidly expanding aviation sector, which is projected to necessitate an additional 8,560 commercial jets by 2042. As Boeing gears up […]

Malaysia Airlines Revolutionizes Passenger Experience with Free WiFi for All Cabin Classes

In a move to enhance passenger satisfaction and stay competitive, Malaysia Airlines has ushered in a new era of connectivity. Effective November 1st, the airline is making inflight WiFi a complimentary offering for all passengers, transcending the boundaries of cabin class or loyalty status. Initially accessible on select widebody aircraft, the free WiFi service enhancement […]

Boeing, NASA, and United Airlines Collaborate to Test SAF Benefits with Air-to-Air Flights

In an epoch where environmental concerns are paramount, three giants from the aerospace and airline industries unite. Boeing, NASA, and United Airlines are collaborating on a series of in-flight tests, probing the impact of sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) on contrails and non-carbon emissions. The overarching goal is a profound one: to discern the holistic potential […]

Delta Air Lines

Delta Air Lines Announces Corporate Staff Layoffs Regardless of Record Revenues

In a recent announcement, Delta Air Lines disclosed their decision to make corporate job cuts amidst reporting notable financial outcomes for the September quarter. This article delves into the intricacies of this decision and its broader implications for the airline. The Decision: Corporate Job Cuts Prominent news outlets CNBC and Reuters reported on Delta Air […]

All You Need To Know About the Speed of Passenger Planes

Every year, more than four billion people opt for the skies to satisfy their travel needs, making air travel the go-to mode of transportation for the globe. Not only is it the safest form of long-distance travel, but it’s also the fastest. Over the years, advancements in aviation technology have led to planes becoming faster, […]