Video: Cargolux Boeing 747 Loses Part of Landing Gear During Emergency Landing

In a notable incident at Luxembourg Airport, a Boeing 747-400 cargo plane from Cargolux lost a part of its main landing gear during an emergency landing on Sunday evening.


The aircraft, registered as LX-OCV, took off from Luxembourg airport bound for Chicago ORD. However, the pilots soon reported a malfunction. The aircraft then climbed to 10,000 ft to dump fuel for approximately 10 minutes before returning to Luxembourg Airport for an emergency landing.

Cargolux Boeing 747
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Shockingly, during the landing, the right center gear unit broke off. Subsequently, the aircraft was unloaded, and the runway had to be closed for inspection and cleaning.

Cargolux Boeing 747

As we wait for further updates on the situation, Cargolux has confirmed the significant landing incident involving its B747-400F aircraft, bearing registration mark LX-OCV. The aircraft was unable to retract its landing gear on take-off from Luxembourg, forcing it to safely dump fuel in order to return to the airport. On its landing roll, its right body landing gear detached from the aircraft. Despite this, the aircraft came to a controlled stop and was attended to by the emergency services.

Thankfully, no persons onboard or on the ground suffered any injuries. The relevant authorities have been informed of the incident. The aircraft remains on the runway, and recovery efforts are currently underway.


Immediate Aftermath and Runway Clean-up

Despite the challenges posed by the incident, crews swiftly initiated the clean-up process. The primary focus now is ensuring the safe resumption of operations. The runway will reopen only after a thorough inspection confirms it is safe for aircraft operations.

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Flights to Luxembourg are currently diverting to Frankfurt until the runway is declared safe for operations. We will keep you updated as soon as further details are released.

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