SAUDIA and Kuwait Airways Announce Codeshare Agreement


Saudi Arabian Airlines (SAUDIA), the national flag carrier of Saudi Arabia, and Kuwait Airways, the national carrier of the State of Kuwait, have announced a codeshare agreement. This SAUDIA Kuwait Airways codeshare agreement marks a significant step towards enhanced connections and convenience for guests of both airlines.

Details of the SAUDIA Kuwait Airways Codeshare Agreement

SAUDIA Kuwait Airways Codeshare Agreement
Photo by SAUDIA

The signing ceremony took place in SAUDIA’s headquarter in Jeddah. Each airline will place the other airline’s marketing code on its flights between Saudi Arabia and Kuwait and other routes within the alliance. The agreement will come into effect after obtaining all necessary approvals. Both airlines have agreed to expand all kinds of interline cooperation, with implementation expected during the Summer Season 2023.

The codeshare will further promote bilateral and strategic partnership for the benefit of both airlines. It will enable them to offer more competitive and cost-effective services. This will allow their guests to enjoy a better travelling experience. The new codeshare partnership will strengthen the cordial commercial long-standing relationship existing between SAUDIA and Kuwait Airways.

The Impact of the SAUDIA Kuwait Airways Codeshare Agreement on Flight Operations

SAUDIA has been carrying guests between Saudi Arabia and Kuwait by operating four daily flights. Similarly, Kuwait Airways has been serving passengers on this route, operating six daily flights between Kuwait and Saudi Arabia.

Under the SAUDIA Kuwait Airways codeshare agreement, guests can expect all the benefits of codeshare flights. This includes seamless connectivity, baggage transfer, and the convenience of having their entire journey managed by one airline. Furthermore, guests of both airlines will enjoy increased alternative flight options across each other’s network.

What the Airlines’ CEOs Say

SAUDIA Kuwait Airways Codeshare Agreement
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Captain Ibrahim Koshy, SAUDIA CEO, expressed delight at the partnership. He said, “We look forward to growing our relationship with Kuwait Airways. We aim to offer guests a better value proposition and more seamless travel experiences.”

On the other hand, Eng. Maen Razouqi, Chief Executive Officer of Kuwait Airways, welcomed SAUDIA as a Strategic Codeshare partner. He highlighted the benefits that the partnership would bring to operations between the two countries and how it will allow more travel options and facilities for the public. He also emphasized Kuwait Airways’ commitment to customer comfort and convenience in every business decision.

SAUDIA Kuwait Airways Codeshare Agreement
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Looking Ahead

Both Kuwait Airways and SAUDIA are working on incorporating a Frequent Flyer Program for codeshare flights. This move will reward guests with the benefits of such programs. Both airlines are also exploring other avenues for future mutual cooperation and expansion of their partnership.

As part of its commitment to the Kingdom’s National Tourism Strategy, SAUDIA connects guests from over 100 destinations worldwide to the Kingdom. They do this via their state-of-the-art hub at King Abdulaziz International Airport in Jeddah and other key stations around the Kingdom.

SAUDIA Kuwait Airways Codeshare Agreement
Image by AhmedLens

SAUDIA has reaffirmed its commitment to providing top-tier services and launching new routes to bring the world to Saudi Arabia as part of the ‘Wings of Vision 2030.’ Meanwhile, Kuwait Airways is steadfast in its commitment to offering top-class services as it expands its network and product offerings.

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The SAUDIA Kuwait Airways codeshare agreement represents a new chapter in Middle East aviation, offering more choices and convenience to passengers. How will this codeshare agreement impact your future travel plans? Share your thoughts with us!

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