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Video: Cargolux Boeing 747 Loses Part of Landing Gear During Emergency Landing

In a notable incident at Luxembourg Airport, a Boeing 747-400 cargo plane from Cargolux lost a part of its main landing gear during an emergency landing on Sunday evening. The aircraft, registered as LX-OCV, took off from Luxembourg airport bound for Chicago ORD. However, the pilots soon reported a malfunction. The aircraft then climbed to […]

Video: Cargolux Boeing 747 Damaged During Landing at Luxembourg

A Cargolux Boeing 747 freighter experienced a landing incident at Luxembourg Airport, which was caught on video and is now circulating on social media. The aircraft attempted a go-around and managed to land safely moments later, with no reported injuries. The video footage shows the Cargolux Boeing 747 freighter approaching Luxembourg Airport for a landing. […]