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NEOM Airlines: Taking Flight to a Sustainable Future in Saudi Arabia’s Futuristic City


Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030 strategy aims to diversify its economy away from oil and gas by boosting its tourism industry. The government hopes to attract over 100 million visitors annually by the end of the decade, with tourism’s share of GDP targeted to reach 10%. As part of this plan, the country invests in new travel industry initiatives, including launching a new airline, NEOM Airlines, that aims to differentiate itself through innovation and sustainability.

NEOM Airlines’ Two-Step Approach to Technology

NEOM Airlines, which will serve the planned futuristic city of NEOM, plans to begin operations at the end of 2024. Its CEO, Klaus Goersch, has outlined a “two-step approach” to its technology. Initially, existing aircraft will be retrofitted with existing technology to meet demand quickly, but from 2026 onwards, the airline plans to introduce new innovative aircraft such as electric, hydrogen-powered, or supersonic models, along with next-generation interiors. The airline aims to “elevate every single touch point” with an immersive and digitally enhanced experience, offering features such as large screen IFE at every seat, 6G WiFi, and biometric security clearing.

NEOM: A Futuristic City for Innovation and Sustainable Living

NEOM Airlines is part of the larger $500 billion project to build a futuristic city in Saudi Arabia, called NEOM. The project aims to become a hub for innovation, technology, and sustainable living. It plans to leverage new technologies to create a modern city that operates sustainably and efficiently.

NEOM Airlines
Image by: NEOM

Boosting Saudi Arabia’s Travel Industry

The launch of NEOM Airlines is part of Saudi Arabia’s broader efforts to develop its travel industry. Riyadh Air, which has ordered 39 Boeing 787 Dreamliners with options for 33 more, has already been confirmed. In addition, the government has introduced a subsidized scheme to increase traffic to and from the Kingdom. NEOM Airlines will add to the increasing number of innovative and sustainable carriers in the region, with a focus on digitalization and next-generation technology to offer travelers a unique and differentiated experience.

NEOM Airlines is set to launch next year, and its focus on innovation and sustainability aims to elevate the travel experience for its passengers. With its two-step approach to technology and plans to introduce new aircraft and next-generation interiors, NEOM Airlines promises to offer a unique and immersive experience. The launch of NEOM Airlines is part of Saudi Arabia’s broader efforts to develop its travel industry and attract over 100 million visitors annually by the end of the decade.

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