Royal Air Maroc Confirms Order for Two Boeing 787 Dreamliners

Boeing and Royal Air Maroc have announced a key development at the Dubai Airshow: the North African carrier has placed a repeat order for the Boeing 787 Dreamliner, confirming two 787-9s in its expanding widebody fleet. This addition builds upon Royal Air Maroc’s existing fleet of nine Dreamliners, reflecting the airline’s reliance on the 787 family’s efficiency and flexibility to enhance its long-haul network.

Abdelhamid Addou, Chairman and CEO of Royal Air Maroc, emphasized the strategic importance of this acquisition. He noted that the new 787-9 Dreamliners are integral to the airline’s short-term expansion plans, responding to the favorable market conditions in 2023. Additionally, Addou revealed Royal Air Maroc’s ambitious vision to substantially increase its fleet size by 2037, indicating a significant growth trajectory for the airline.

A Blend of 787-8s and 787-9s in Royal Air Maroc’s Fleet

Over the past nine years, Royal Air Maroc has been enhancing its widebody fleet with a mix of Boeing 787-8s and 787-9s. This latest order, which had previously remained unidentified on Boeing’s Orders & Deliveries website, further solidifies the airline’s commitment to the Dreamliner series. The 787 family’s operational efficiency and range capabilities have been pivotal in enabling Royal Air Maroc to strengthen and expand its long-haul route network.

Brad McMullen, Boeing’s Senior Vice President of Commercial Sales and Marketing, expressed confidence in the 787 Dreamliner’s suitability to support Royal Air Maroc’s growth and modernization plans. McMullen also highlighted Boeing’s longstanding relationship with Royal Air Maroc, spanning over five decades, and expressed eagerness to continue strengthening this partnership.

Royal Air Maroc’s Global Reach and Fleet Composition

As the national carrier of Morocco and a member of the oneworld Alliance, Royal Air Maroc boasts an extensive flight network, serving 82 destinations across 41 territories, including major cities in Europe, Africa, North America, and the Middle East. The airline’s fleet comprises various Boeing aircraft, including 737s alongside the 787 Dreamliners, offering a balanced mix of short-haul and long-haul capabilities.

The 787 family, since its revenue service inception in 2011, has been instrumental in launching over 380 new nonstop routes globally. Known for its fuel efficiency, the Dreamliner family is celebrated for reducing fuel use and emissions by 25% compared to the airplanes it replaces. Passengers flying with Royal Air Maroc on these aircraft can also enjoy an enhanced flight experience, thanks to features like larger windows, more comfortable cabin pressure and humidity levels, ample overhead bin space, soothing LED lighting, and turbulence reduction technology.

A Forward-Looking Step for Royal Air Maroc

The addition of two Boeing 787-9 Dreamliners to Royal Air Maroc’s fleet is a forward-looking step that aligns with the airline’s ambitious growth and modernization strategy. This investment not only reinforces Royal Air Maroc’s commitment to offering enhanced passenger experiences but also positions the airline for significant expansion in the coming years.

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