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Boeing 737-300 Veers Off Senegal Runway, 10 Injured, 4 Critical

A Boeing 737 aircraft, carrying 85 passengers, veered off the runway at Dakar’s airport, the capital of Senegal, causing injuries to 10 individuals, as confirmed by the transport minister and footage captured by a passenger. Malian musician Cheick Siriman Sissoko documented the harrowing scene on Facebook, depicting passengers evacuating via
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LIMA 2025 Takes Off: Malaysian Ministry of Defence and GEC Partner for Innovation in Aerospace and Maritime Industries

The Malaysian Ministry of Defence (MINDEF) and Global Exhibitions and Conferences Sdn Bhd (GEC) announced a collaborative effort to host the 17th edition of the Langkawi International Maritime and Aerospace Exhibition (LIMA) in 2025. The event, scheduled for May 20th to 24th, promises a platform for industry leaders to showcase
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IndiGo Orders 30 Airbus A350-900 Aircraft

IndiGo has placed an order with Airbus for 30 A350-900 aircraft, marking a pivotal shift towards long-haul international travel. This strategic move signifies IndiGo’s ambitious plans to capitalize on the burgeoning Indian aviation market and establish itself as a major global player. The order comes amidst India’s meteoric rise as
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Emirates Unveils the First 9 Destinations for its Brand-New A350 Aircraft

Emirates has unveiled the initial destinations that will be graced by its brand-new A350 aircraft, set to enter service in September 2024. With ten A350s expected to join the fleet by March 2025, the airline said that it will elevate passenger experiences on short and medium-haul routes across the Middle
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British Airways Flight Evacuated in Bermuda After Bomb Threat

A major scare unfolded at Bermuda’s L.F. Wade International Airport (BDA) on Sunday, May 5th, when a British Airways Boeing 777-200ER was forced to abandon its takeoff due to a bomb threat. The incident occurred shortly before 9:30 PM local time, as the aircraft, registered as G-VIIN, was already on
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Can an Aircraft Fly With Only One Engine?

While the sight of a flaming engine might send shivers down the spine of any passenger, the reality is that modern twin-engine aircraft are designed to handle engine failure and can fly with one engine and with remarkable safety. Extensive pilot training and robust aircraft design ensure that even a
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What Happened to MD-12?

In the 1990s, McDonnell Douglas sought to challenge the dominance of the Boeing 747 on international routes. Responding to a distinct air travel landscape, the company designed the MD-12, a double-decker aircraft boasting significant passenger capacity and long-range capabilities. This design decision stemmed from the specific market conditions of the
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FAA Investigates Unauthorized Cockpit Access on United Flight

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has initiated an investigation following unauthorized access to the cockpit during a United Airlines flight. The incident involved a member of the Colorado Rockies coaching staff who was recorded seated in the captain’s chair while the plane was in flight, breaching safety protocols. This event

Aviation Hobbies to Try in 2024

Do you love aviation and want to get more involved with it? It may be hard to get up and go fly on a plane every day, but with these three hobbies, you can get the best out of aviation with little to no experience. At the same time, you
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Boeing Defends 787 Dreamliner Construction Integrity Amid Whistleblower Alleged Structural Flaws

On Monday, April 15th, Boeing defended the fuselage construction of the Boeing 787 aircraft. The company faced claims from a whistleblower, Sam Salehpour, a former engineer, who last week claimed that Boeing compromised safety by cutting corners during the manufacturing process of these aircraft. Read the full report of Salehpour’s
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Delta Air Lines Boeing 767 Evacuation Slide Deployed Accidentally at London Gatwick

Delta Air Lines flight DL63 from London Gatwick (LGW) to New York (JFK) experienced a delay due to the accidental deployment of an evacuation slide. The aircraft involved was a 26-year-old Boeing 767-300ER registered as N198DN operated by Delta Air Lines. Social media featured images of the mistakenly deployed evacuation
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Could ‘Break Up’: Boeing Whistleblower Alleges Structural Flaws in 787 Dreamliner

Boeing whistleblower allegations are confronting the company with claims that its 787 Dreamliner aircraft possess structural defects potentially leading to disintegration after thousands of flights. These allegations intensify the ongoing challenges for Boeing. The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) is examining these claims, initially reported by Boeing engineer Sam Salehpour, according
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Middle East Air Travel Impact Following Iran’s Retaliation on Israel

Major airlines across the Middle East announced they would resume operations in the region after canceling or rerouting some flights as Iran launched dozens of drones and missiles at Israel from Saturday night into Sunday. Emirates Airlines, which had canceled some of its flights and rerouted others due to temporary
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Proposal to Rename Washington Dulles International Airport After Donald Trump

Republican lawmakers are proposing the renaming of Washington Dulles International Airport (IAD) to honor former and potentially future U.S. President Donald Trump. The bill was introduced by Republican House Representative Guy Reschenthaler on March 29, 2024, and referred to the House Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure. The title of the
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Austrian Airlines Halts Flights to Iran Amid Regional Tensions

Austrian Airlines has suspended flights to Iran, following Lufthansa’s similar decision, due to rising regional tensions. Typically, the airline schedules six weekly flights between Vienna International Airport (VIE) and Tehran’s Imam Khomeini International Airport (IKA). “For Austrian Airlines, the safety of its passengers and crews has top priority. The situation
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Scoot Receives its First Embraer E190-E2 Aircraft

Scoot, the low-cost subsidiary of Singapore Airlines has officially received its first Embraer E190-E2 aircraft from the lessor Azorra during a formal ceremony held at Embraer’s facility in Brazil. This event is notable as it represents the first instance of a Singaporean airline acquiring an aircraft from the Brazilian manufacturer.
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What Happened to Trump’s Airline: The Trump Shuttle?

Donald Trump is a name that conjures up images of real estate, reality TV, and, of course, politics. However, fewer may remember Trump’s foray into the airline industry with the Trump Shuttle. This venture was as bold and brash as Trump himself, featuring luxury amenities that were unprecedented for short
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Qantas’ Oldest A380 Returns to Commercial Service

Qantas’ first A380, VH-OQA, has returned to commercial service. This aircraft, 16.2 years old and the 14th A380 to be manufactured, carries the Manufacturer Serial Number (MSN) 014. Analysis of ch-aviation data indicates that the units MSN001 through MSN013 are either scrapped, preserved, or currently not in operation. Thus, VH-OQA
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Allegations Claims Some Quality Issues on Boeing 787 & 777

A Boeing quality engineer has reported allegations against the United States aircraft manufacturer, accusing it of compromising on processes for the Boeing 787 and 777 models. The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) is investigating these claims. Sam Salehpour, a longstanding employee, alleges the company has sidestepped its usual procedures to meet

Ram Air Turbine (RAT): Aircraft’s Secret Weapon

In the realm of aviation, safety is paramount. One of the lesser-known yet crucial components of an aircraft’s safety system is the Ram Air Turbine (RAT). This article aims to shed light on the significance of the RAT and its role in ensuring the safety of aircraft and passengers. A
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Boeing and Airbus Discuss Splitting Operations of Key Supplier Spirit AeroSystems

Boeing and Airbus are reportedly in talks to divide the operations of their top supplier, Spirit AeroSystems Holdings Inc. This potential agreement comes in the wake of Spirit AeroSystems facing financial challenges, prompting discussions around restructuring the company’s operations to ensure stability and efficiency in the supply chain for both

NTSB Releases Initial Findings on UA2477 Runway Excursion Incident in Houston

The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) has published a preliminary report concerning a runway excursion incident involving United Airlines flight 2477 (UA2477). The event occurred on the morning of March 8, 2024, at George Bush Intercontinental Airport (IAH), when the Boeing 737-8 MAX, registered as N27290, veered off the runway

Three Outstanding Examples of General Aviation Aircraft

In recent years, commercial aviation has gotten a massive upgrade. With new planes like the 787, A350, A220, and the recently developed C919, it has become more modern and advanced. But when we look at general aviation, everything looks old and outdated. Well, it is pretty hard to say it’s
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Aviation for Aviators Welcomes the Arrival of the First Boeing 797 to Its Fleet

In a landmark moment for the aviation industry, Aviation for Aviators has announced the acquisition of 15 Boeing 797 aircraft. The company confirmed that the first of these state-of-the-art airplanes arrived yesterday, marking the beginning of a new era in air travel. Youssef Yahya, CEO of Aviation for Aviators, shared
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PIA Flight Attendant Arrested in Toronto

A Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) flight attendant was arrested in Toronto, Canada, for possession of multiple passports, as per ARY News. This incident aligns with a growing trend of PIA flight attendants absconding in Canada. Canadian officials detained Hina Sani, a PIA flight attendant, following her arrival in Toronto on

Who Flies the Boeing 747 in 2024?

Following the end of Boeing’s 747 program in early 2023, commercial operations using this aircraft model have sustained their strength and consistency. Four carriers, based in Asia, the Middle East, and Europe, persist in offering routine services aboard the 747-400 and 747-8 variants. These operators are your best chance of

Do Flight Crew Members Undergo Security Checks Similar to Passengers?

Do flight crew members, including pilots and flight attendants, undergo security checks similar to passengers? The vetting process for aircraft crew involves identity and security screenings as part of their employment requirements. Additionally, they are subject to multiple security and identification verifications at airports. Let’s figure it out! On April
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Breaking: A Ground Collision Causes Serious Damage to an Emirates A380

A collision occurred at Domodedovo Airport, Moscow, today, (March 27, 2024) involving a truck and an Emirates Airbus A380. The Emirates-operated A380, registered A6-EDM, 13 years old was preparing for flight EK134 to Dubai when it was struck by a Mercedes truck, resulting in damage to the aircraft’s undercarriage. The

How Long Can Commercial Aircraft Last?

Aircraft, similar to other machines, possess a predetermined lifespan. This lifespan hinges on the structural integrity’s capacity to endure flight-induced stresses. The principle of stressed skin serves as the basis for the aircraft’s structural design, where the skin, along with the frame, beams, and ribs, act as the primary load-bearing
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GE Aerospace To Become An Independent Company

General Electric has announced board approval for the separation of its energy segment, enabling the Aerospace division to operate as an independent company starting in April. This division, based in the US, manufactures engines for aircraft such as the Boeing 747-8, 777-300ER, and 787. Starting April 2, 2024, this unit
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Breaking: Boeing CEO to Resign as 737 MAX Crisis Spurs Top Management Overhaul

Boeing has declared that David Calhoun, its President and CEO, will resign at the end of 2024. Additional executives will also retire or not pursue re-election. Following the incident with Alaska Airlines flight AS1282, where a door plug from a Boeing 737 MAX 9 was ejected, Calhoun addressed Boeing employees,
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Korean Air Orders 33 Airbus A350 Aircraft

Korean Air has disclosed its plans to enter into a significant contract with Airbus, for the purchase of 33 Airbus A350 aircraft. This acquisition encompasses both the -900 and -1000 variants of the A350. With this new order, Korean Air’s future deliveries will exceed 140 aircraft. In a recent statement,
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Japan Airlines Orders 42 Aircraft from Boeing and Airbus

Japan Airlines has placed an order for 42 aircraft from Boeing and Airbus, which includes the Airbus A350-900, Airbus A321neo, and Boeing 787-9 models. This order represents the airline’s first purchase of a non-Boeing narrowbody aircraft. The distribution of the order consists of 32 Airbus and 10 Boeing aircraft, with
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FAA Says that Boeing Must Resolve Quality Issues Before Increasing 737 MAX Production Rate

Mike Whitaker, the adminstrator of the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), has made it clear that Boeing cannot ramp up its production of the Boeing 737 MAX until it addresses the quality issues identified by the regulator. Whitaker emphasized the importance of maintaining Boeing’s quality standards in a conversation with Reuters.

C-17 Globemaster III Overview

As you are looking out your window from your 30-story hotel room, a ginormous military aircraft flies 100 feet from you, passing in between skyscrapers. As you watch it soar by, you cannot help but think how spectacular the sight of this aircraft is. This may sound like a line

What Are the Quietest Seats on a Plane?

Air travel can often overwhelm the senses, with bustling airports and the noise from numerous passengers onboard. For individuals seeking to sleep, work, or simply unwind in tranquility, knowing the quietest seats on a plane is crucial. This involves considering seat placement and the type of aircraft. In most modern
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Korean Air to Build Asia’s Largest Engine Maintenance Facility

Engine problems have significantly impacted numerous airlines in the past five years, especially those that were early adopters of next-generation aircraft like the Boeing 787 and 737 or the Airbus A320neo Family. The introduction of new technology engines has faced challenges, leading to hundreds of aircraft being grounded due to

4 Outstanding Airlines in the United States (March 2024)

Choosing the airline to fly on is one of the hardest decisions to make while planning a trip. If you agree, then that means that you have made it to the best place. In this article, we will go over four airlines in the United States (Alaska Airlines, Southwest Airlines,
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Celebrating Female Aviators on International Women’s Day

International Women’s Day, observed annually on March 8th, offers a moment to honor the remarkable contributions of women across various sectors, including the historically male-dominated field of aviation. This day underscores the importance of gender equality and recognizes the pioneering women who have navigated the skies, defying societal expectations and
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United Boeing 737-8 MAX Suffered a Main Gear Collapse During Landing at Houston

A runway incident involving a United Airlines Boeing 737 MAX 8 occurred at Houston George Bush Intercontinental Airport today. According to the latest updates from the airport, the aircraft veered off the taxiway, contradicting initial speculation of a gear collapse. This incident took place shortly after it was reported that

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