An interview with the aviation YouTuber: Dan from Dj’s Aviation

Dj’s aviation is a youtube channel known for its excellent coverage of aviation events and the everyday goings of the aviation world. Dan has almost 325,000 subscribers on Youtube and has reported on topics such as the up-and-coming Boeing 797. Join me as I put some questions to the man himself. At what point did […]

An interview with legendary aviation YouTuber Kelsey Hughes (74 gear)

Kelsey Hughes, known best as the man behind 74 gear, is an aviation YouTuber with nearly 800,000 subscribers worldwide (as of January 2022) and a commercial and cargo Boeing 747 pilot. Viewers can expect humorous and interesting videos based on a variety of topics ranging from debunking the vast amounts of fake aviation news on […]

An interview with the astonishing artist Juan Calderon

Juan Calderon paints incredible artwork as a part-time job whilst living in Costa Rica. I sent him some questions to give the viewers a great insight into the artwork that he produces. What makes you decide on what to paint next? “Honestly, there is nothing in particular that makes me think what painting will be […]

A look at the incredible art of Juan Calderon

Juan Calderon is an Aviation enthusiast who has been interested in art since the age of 11. He paints incredible oil paintings of different scenes in aviation and goes into extreme detail on all his work. Join me as I take a dive into this exceptionally talented artist’s work, and hearing some words from the […]

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