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easyJet Airbus A320neo Order

easyJet Orders 157 Airbus A320neo Family Aircraft

easyJet has taken a significant step in its fleet renewal and upgauging strategy by confirming a substantial order of 157 Airbus A320neo Family aircraft. This firm order, which has received shareholder approval, is a blend of 56 A320neo and 101 A321neo aircraft. It also includes the conversion of an existing order for 35 A320neo into […]

Airbus Warns of A320neo Family Jet Delivery Delays in 2024

Airbus, the European aircraft manufacturer, has recently informed its customers about potential delivery delays for their A320neo family jets starting in 2024. This development comes amidst the challenging operating climate in the aviation industry. In this article, we will examine the factors contributing to these delays and the impact on Airbus’ delivery targets and customer […]

Uzbekistan Airways

Airbus Secures Order for 12 A320neo Family Aircraft from Uzbekistan Airways

Uzbekistan Airways, the national carrier of the Republic of Uzbekistan, has placed a firm order with Airbus for 12 A320neo Family aircraft, comprising 8 A320neo and 4 A321neo planes. This order comes as the airline looks to modernize its fleet and expand its domestic and international route network. Fleet Modernization Strategy The new A320neo Family […]