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Plane Crashes in Virginia After Pilot Passes Out

A private jet crashed in a mountainous region in Virginia on June 4th, 2023 after flying over a restricted airspace in Washington D.C. There were no survivors among four people onboard the aircraft. Details  The plane, a Cessna 560 Citation V, belonged to a company owned by multi-millionaire John Rumpel and was registered N611VG. Rumpel […]

Braniff Flight 542

How Braniff Flight 542 Disintegrated In Mid-Air Left Investigators Baffling

63 years ago, on September 29, 1959, Braniff Flight 542, traveling from Houston to Dallas, broke up in midair 41 minutes after taking off. The aircraft involved in the incident was only 11 days old, an Allison 501-D13 engine-powered Lockheed L-188A Electra. Let’s figure out what happened. Braniff International Airways Flight 542 operated on a […]