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Breaking: A Ground Collision Causes Serious Damage to an Emirates A380

A collision occurred at Domodedovo Airport, Moscow, today, (March 27, 2024) involving a truck and an Emirates Airbus A380. The Emirates-operated A380, registered A6-EDM, 13 years old was preparing for flight EK134 to Dubai when it was struck by a Mercedes truck, resulting in damage to the aircraft’s undercarriage. The flight EK133 had previously landed […]

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Emirates A380 Fleet Future: Confirmed to Fly Until The 2040s

In a landmark announcement defining the Emirates A380 Fleet Future, the airline’s President, Tim Clark, has confirmed that the A380 will continue to be a key player in their fleet well into the 2040s. With this commitment, Emirates showcases its faith in the A380’s sustained relevance, combining operational efficiency with the aircraft’s unique appeal to […]