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GE Aerospace To Become An Independent Company

General Electric has announced board approval for the separation of its energy segment, enabling the Aerospace division to operate as an independent company starting in April. This division, based in the US, manufactures engines for aircraft such as the Boeing 747-8, 777-300ER, and 787. Starting April 2, 2024, this unit will operate as GE Aerospace, […]

The Marvelous Complexity of Jet Engines: How Many Parts Do They Consist Of?

If you’re a frequent flier, you may have looked out the window and marveled at the marvels of modern engineering as your plane soared through the sky. But have you ever stopped to consider just how many parts it takes to power those engines? Jet engines are complex machines, with thousands of parts working together […]

Emirates Conducts First Demonstration Flight with 100% Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF)

Emirates made history with its 1st demonstration flight using 100% Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) on a Boeing 777-300ER. The flight, commanded by Captains Fali Vajifdar and Khalid Nasser Akram, took off from Dubai Int’l Airport (DXB) and flew over the Dubai coast for over an hour. Adel Al Redha, Emirates COO, and Capt. Hassan Hammadi, […]

The Differences Between the Different Boeing 777 Variants

The Differences Between the Boeing 777 Variants

The 777 is an example of Boeing engineering at its finest. The aircraft manufacturer was able to expand into new markets while keeping its European competitor at bay. But how do the different Boeing 777 variants differ from one another? Let’s figure it out! Boeing 777 family The 777 is Boeing’s best-selling widebody to date […]