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On October 4 2021, Gulfstream Aerospace Corp. introduced two all-new aircraft, further expanding its ultramodern, high-technology family of aircraft: the Gulfstream G800 and the Gulfstream G400.

Luxury Redefined: Discover the Gulfstream G800 Business Jet

The Gulfstream G800 is a remarkable luxury business jet that sets a new standard for air travel. Its unmatched engineering and cutting-edge technology make it stand out in the aviation industry. The G800’s cabin is customizable, offering the latest entertainment systems without compromising on performance. Additionally, the cockpit system is ingeniously engineered with safety in […]

Which private jet is the best to travel in?

Private jets, the transportation of the super-rich, can be luxurious or a total scam. But which private jets are the best to travel in, based on cost, comfort, and range? Please note, that this list excludes all private jets which are also commercial jets, such as the BBJ or ACJ range. Gulfstream G-650 The Gulfstream […]