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The Flying Turtle of the Sky!

Every now and then, we get to hear of new planes breaking the records in terms of how fast they are. The world is constantly in a race and is in constant need of more and more innovations that could fulfill its needs while going along with its pace. Therefore, we always constantly hear of […]

The Story of Jessica Cox

An inspirational story about the pilot, Jessica Cox, who achieved what was thought to be impossible. She was able to fly and earn her licence despite being born without arms. Even though she had her fair share of constant disappointments and difficult times, she was able to fight through and fulfil her dream.


An aircraft model that with its capabilities and performance, could surprise us, The P-750 XSTOL.  A not so widely known aircraft, such as cessna´s or piper´s. However, this plane has many things to offer because of its multi-disciplinary roles, applications and variants whether it is freighter, passengers, Spraying, Fire Fighting, and skydive operations.