An aircraft model that with its capabilities and performance, could surprise us, The P-750 XSTOL.  A not so widely known aircraft, such as cessna´s or piper´s. However, this plane has many things to offer because of its multi-disciplinary roles, applications and variants whether it is freighter, passengers, Spraying, Fire Fighting, and skydive operations.

P-750 XSTOL. Source: Aeroexpo.online

The P-750 has the capability of take-off and landing within extremely short distances of runway, so the XSTOL (Extremely Short Take-Off and Landing) name is given to it. 244m or less is the distance that the aircraft needs to take off and land. In addition, the runway condition is not a limitation, it can operate in a semi-prepared airstrips and different terrains.

Aircraft display, you can see d¡the distances of runway needed. Source: Historical Machines TV/Youtube

Pacific Aerospace, the manufacturer, decided to enhance the Cresco model for the skydiving community, and develop the program for a new utility aircraft, with STOL performance for freight, passenger, agricultural, photography. In 2004, the FAA certified the PAC 750XL (since renamed the P-750 XSTOL), after the modifications of the program, some parts of the Cresco remained. However, Wings, ailerons, flaps, fuel system, etc. have been either replaced or modified.

Cresco model. Source:Pacific Aerospace

From the preliminary phase of the design to FAA certification, it took about 52 months. Devised to be used in skydive operations, other use is given to the aircraft, in several operations, one of them is aerial survey.

Some specifications of the aircraft:

Never Exceed Speed (VNE) 170 KIAS315 km/h
Design Cruising Speed (VC)140 KIAS259 km/h
Max. Manoeuvring Speed (VA)  131 KIAS243 km/h
Max. Flap Extended Speed (VFE)120 KIAS222 km/h
Stall Speed (Idle Power) With Flaps Down (VS)58 KIAS107 km/h
Max. Range At Optimum Speed, 45 mins Reserves At 16,000 FT1,179 NM2,183 km
Endurance At Optimum Speed, 45 mins Reserves8 H 
Average Fuel Consumption45 US gal/H170 Litres/H
Fuel Capacity, Useable330 US gal1,256 Litres
Normal Conditions, 7,500 LB  
Take-Off Ground Roll At Sea Level, ISA 721 ft220 m
Take-Off Distance To 15 M (50 FT) ISA 1,503 ft458 m
Landing Ground Roll At Sea Level* 543 ft166 m
Landing Distance From 15 M (50 FT)*950 ft289 m
*Reverse thrust selected on touchdown
Max. Rate Of Climb At Sea Level 1,067 ft/min325 m/min
Max. Rate Of Climb at 8,000 FT951 ft/min290 m/min
Climb To 12,000 FT From Brakes Release12 min 
Max. Operating Altitude20,000 ft6,096 m
Service Ceiling (At Max. Weight)20,000 ft6,096 m
Max. Positive G+3.5 G 
Max. Negative G-1.4 G 
Wing Loading120.07 /m224.59 lb/ft2
Power Loading10.0 lb/shp4.5 kg/shp
Some performance specifications. Source: Pacific Aerospace.

The versatility of the aircraft P-750 XSTOL is huge, it has a wide range of operational activities (aerospace.co.nz):

  • Sets the benchmark for 10-seater STOL utility aircraft.
  • Option of robust metal compartment lining with wall-mounted track for use with cargo nets and a partition located behind the pilot.
  • Ability to take a mixed load of passengers and freight on the same flight.
  • Able to carry seventeen skydivers or six tandem teams.
  • Can be readily customer-modified for geophysical survey work.
  • Able to carry a 4,888lb (2,272 kg) hopper.
  • Effectively operates off short, narrow farm air strips that are often situated on ridgelines.
Pacific Aeropsace P-750 XSTOL Agriculture. Source: XSTOL/Youtube

So, we saw the different operations of this unique airplane, and the versatility of flying and landing on unprepared runways. To load the payload in a safely and fast way.



Cover Photo: stuff.co.nz

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