Allegations Claims Some Quality Issues on Boeing 787 & 777

A Boeing quality engineer has reported allegations against the United States aircraft manufacturer, accusing it of compromising on processes for the Boeing 787 and 777 models. The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) is investigating these claims. Sam Salehpour, a longstanding employee, alleges the company has sidestepped its usual procedures to meet production deadlines, potentially affecting the fitting of the fuselage.

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Salehpour, facing criticism and threats after voicing these issues internally, escalated his concerns to the FAA following incidents involving Alaska Airlines.

Salehpour has emphasized his commitment to Boeing’s success and the importance of preventing crashes, as reported by the Washington Post. Beginning his career at Boeing in 2007 as a quality engineer, Salehpour has been involved in overseeing production quality, investigating defects, and formulating strategies to mitigate future problems. Following his reports on management issues, he stated that he was reassigned involuntarily and barred from important meetings. His subsequent assignment to the 777 program revealed concerns regarding part misalignment and the application of excessive force to fit parts together.

“I love my work at Boeing and the opportunities I have gotten. I want Boeing to succeed and prevent crashes from happening.”

Said Salehpour

In response to Salehpour’s allegations, the agency has underscored the importance of voluntary reporting for aviation safety, urging industry participants to report any concerns for thorough investigation. Boeing has countered these allegations, asserting that its aircraft are subject to stringent testing. The company also highlighted its production pause in 2020 over related issues, to reassure the FAA and the public of its commitment to safety.

Manufacturer Faces Further Challenges

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Boeing is experiencing additional setbacks, with recent allegations adding to the company’s scrutiny. This follows difficulties with the 737 MAX certification and an incident involving an Alaska Airlines door plug. The FAA has set deadlines for Boeing to rectify safety and quality issues. Despite these challenges, Boeing maintains that its dedication to continuous improvement in the 787 program ensures the production of high-quality aircraft and encompasses a thorough strategy for enhancing the production process.

Lisa Banks, one of Salehpour’s attorneys, has indicated that although Boeing has made progress in refining its processes, there remains room for further enhancements.

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