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Boeing and Airbus Discuss Splitting Operations of Key Supplier Spirit AeroSystems

Boeing and Airbus are reportedly in talks to divide the operations of their top supplier, Spirit AeroSystems Holdings Inc. This potential agreement comes in the wake of Spirit AeroSystems facing financial challenges, prompting discussions around restructuring the company’s operations to ensure stability and efficiency in the supply chain for both aerospace giants.

Spirit AeroSystems is a key supplier for Boeing, manufacturing critical components such as fuselages and wing parts for the 737 Max. However, the company has been under financial strain due to the recent global economic downturn and the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the aviation industry.

Spirit Aerosystems facility in Wichita, Kansas, USA. Spirit AeroSystems Holdings is an American aerostructures manufacturer. Photo: JHVEPhoto | iStock

Under the proposed framework, Boeing and Airbus would work together to divide the operations of Spirit, potentially ending Boeing’s 20-year effort to outsource key elements of its production process. The deal would also mark a significant development in the relationship between the two rivals, who have been competing fiercely in the commercial aircraft market for decades.

If successful, this agreement would have far-reaching implications for the aerospace industry, potentially streamlining the supply chain for both companies and ensuring a more stable and efficient production process for their aircraft. It could also set a precedent for future collaborations between the two companies, despite their ongoing competition in the market.

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