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ATC Strikes

Air Travel Nightmare: British Airways Cancels Flights Due to the French ATC Strikes

British Airways has canceled 61 flights across its network, citing a combination of bad weather (ATC Strikes) and ongoing air traffic control industrial action in France. The cancelations mainly affected short-haul flights, and many of British Airways’ key European routes overfly French airspace. The airline also experienced delays in another 232 flights, affecting a third […]

Understanding and Overcoming Aerophobia: Tips and Strategies for Fear of Flying

Have you ever boarded a plane and found yourself wondering, ‘how on earth does this massive metal machine stay up in the air?’ You’re not alone! Many people, including fearful flyers (Aerophobia), have the same concern when soaring high above the ground. For many, the thought of boarding an airplane fills them with a sense […]

Early morning or Red-Eye Flight

Some people prefer early morning flights while air traveling, others prefer red-eye flight, and this differs from one traveler to another and everyone’s conditions. A red-eye flight is scheduled to take off at night and arrive at its destination in the morning the next day. This name is derived from the red-eye symptoms which are […]