Early morning or Red-Eye Flight

Some people prefer early morning flights while air traveling, others prefer red-eye flight, and this differs from one traveler to another and everyone’s conditions. A red-eye flight is scheduled to take off at night and arrive at its destination in the morning the next day. This name is derived from the red-eye symptoms which are caused by fatigue. Some people prefer this kind of flight to avoid crowds and get a long time of the day after arriving at their destination.

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Advantages of early morning flights

  • The ability of taking a nap in the plane due to the lost sleep before the flight.
  • Avoiding weather changes; the storms, the weather conditions are similar from afternoon to the early evening.
  • Morning flights are less expected to delay.
  • Traveling in the morning gives the traveler good opportunity in an extra half-day to proceed their activities at their destinations.
  • One of the top reasons why people take early morning flights is to save money.

Drawbacks of early morning flights

  • According to your place from and to the airport, you may have to get up very early in case your travel is an early morning flight.
  • Some people have to get their breakfast, they may not have time to do that before the flight, so it will be expensive for them to buy food at the airport or the airplane, especially when traveling with children.
  • Reduced options of food and beverage because restaurants in most of the airports are closed during the midnight hours and 5 am.
  • While travelling at early morning flight you may oversleep and miss your flight, and finding new flight would be expensive and difficult. So you have to take all precautions in this case.
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Advantages of a red-eye flight:

  • Usually the plane tickets are cheap.
  • Check-in and security lines are shorter at night flights, the crowd at the airports is usually less.
  • Business travelers can reduce the lost time work and increase the work efficiency.
  • It may save more time of vacationing and save the cost of a night’s lodging in the process.
  • Red-eye flights usually are less crowded, pillows, blankets, and overhead bin spaces are more available, also more seat choices are attainable.

Drawbacks of red-eye flights:

  • Red eye flights disrupt sleep. The more time zones crossed from west to east, the more hours are lopped off the traveler’s potential sleep time.
  • While red-eye flights cross many time zones, it may cause days to get rid of the jet lag.
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If you prefer red-eye flights or early morning ones, you can make your flight less stressful. You can collect the necessary items that you need usually in one bag to keep it with you. Also, take all precautions while traveling with children. What is your preferred time of flight?


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