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Virgin Orbit

Virgin Orbit Faces Bankruptcy and Employee Exodus

Virgin Orbit, the US-based satellite launch provider, is reportedly facing bankruptcy as it struggles to secure new funding sources. The company paused its operations and furloughed most of its employees last week. It is said to be scrambling to find a funding lifeline, with a potential buyout proposal of nearly $200 million on the table. […]

What is Italy’s New National Airline ‘ITA’?

Italy’s new national airline ‘ITA’ recently replaced and ended the operations of Alitalia. What exactly is this new airline; is it just Alitalia under a new name? In this article, we will detail an overview of Italy’s new flagship carrier and why this decision was made. Alitalia’s decline and the birth of ITA Rome-based airline […]

Good bye Alitalia, now what?

After 74 years of being in business, Alitalia airlines dissolution left everyone feeling very emotional and touched about it. Alitalia went through some highly precarious circumstances that got the airline to its feet in the end, as for years and years the Italian government was trying to handle the airline’s frequent stumbles but it just […]