Good bye Alitalia, now what?

After 74 years of being in business, Alitalia airlines dissolution left everyone feeling very emotional and touched about it.

Alitalia went through some highly precarious circumstances that got the airline to its feet in the end, as for years and years the Italian government was trying to handle the airline’s frequent stumbles but it just couldn’t bail the airline out of debts again, even though Alitalia had already filed for bankruptcy in 2017 and the government got its back with a €900m loan. Also, they saved the airline once again in 2019 with a 400m loan, but things kept on getting out of hand, and nothing seemed to prevent the airline inevitable end when the government announced that Alitalia has become “a money losing machine“.

So with an unstable past reputation, it was somehow quite easy to predict Alitalia faltering future ,although that these threatens of shutting down became used to be heard constantly for the last couple of decades and the fact that Alitalia didn’t file for bankruptcy abruptly, yet no one was quite sure of what’s gonna happen next..

In this article we will talk more about the inconvenience Alitalia stakeholders are gonna face in the future.

Alitalia workers after its last ever flight landed in Rome Fiumicino
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So, who exactly gets involved?

1. Travelers

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When an airline ceases its operation, troubles reach everyone, not just travelers.

In fact Alitalia’s assets transformation to ITA airlines occurred quietly as Alitalia’s last flight took place on 15th October 2021. ITA started to assume its operation functions in the right following day.

Maybe this transformation won’t affect travelers directly now, but it actually did leave many employees fate unknown, with a huge question mark on their future with ITA.

2. Alitalia’s workforce

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Alitalia was fluctuating between debts and loans, which made ITA initiate its operation in a deeply harsh way with 52 planes only ending up with 105 by 2025.

An intense reduction in workers numbers will downsize the labor force to 2,750 employees as a substitute for the 11,000 Alitalia used to employ.  

But it will rise up over the next few years to range around 8,850 employees, yet that gives us no answer to the fate of the other 2,000 workers and leaves Alitalia workers stranded facing their unknown future.

Pilots would also find it hard if ITA decided to use other type of aircraft other than the Alitalia ones, as pilots get their training and licence for specific sorts of planes they have been trained to fly.

3. Service providers and other businesses

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Service providers who supply airlines with retail, fuel supply, parking and trucking companies also aren’t sure if they will get included in ITA future planes. Business owners related to airports like shops and restaurant owners for instance can’t determine as well whether they have a place in ITA future or not.

Lastly, Alitalia’s demise has put lots of workers and business owners in a very bad position. Many of them consider it to be a catastrophic stumble to their life and career. However we hope everyone who is involved in this situation to find better opportunities in ITA airline or in any other ones.


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