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Save the birds!

Many people, including me, consider flying as a part of a life adventure! Heading through the sky, the clouds, the peace you feel to take a break off the world and to isolate yourself in a separate world in the sky many feet above the ground, are just a few among the dozens of the perks of flying. But did you know that millions of birds die every year when they crash in planes while they are flying? But did you also know that airports can take many measures to save the birds while still allowing you to fly guilt-free?


Birds are attracted to airports


Despite the fact that plane noises jetting off and landing into airports might make one feel they are too scary for birds to be around, birds, surprisingly, are attracted to airports. This is because airports usually have surrounding primitive empty lands to function as noise isolators to isolate plane noises in order to avoid causing any disturbance. Birds are usually attracted to these surrounding lands considering them a great opportunity for their habitats.


Airports can move habitats

Credits: The Backyard Naturalist

Airports can try changing the locations of the surrounding bird habitats to make them far from airports. This will help birds to avoid flying near the airport to avoid crashing into airplanes and get killed. There are many ways for this. For instance, regarding birds that feed on insects, airports can use insecticides against insects around and in the airports that would attract birds to have their habitat nearby. Another idea can be removing the nearby trees that birds can use to make their nests.


Aviation techniques

Credits: OxfordSaudia Flight Academy

There are many innovative aviation techniques that can be followed to avoid bird strikes. These include the usage of radar to trace any movement of bird flocks and their density with immediate control measures. A second technique is having spotters with binoculars and scopes to spot bird flocks and try to direct planes into other runways to avoid any crashing of birds into planes.


We can do more to save the birds

Flying planes do not have to necessarily kill birds. Airports can do more to prevent birds from crashing into planes. We can all still fly while still allowing birds to enjoy their space in the sky! We can do more to enjoy a guilt-free flying and to enjoy sharing the glamour of the sky with birds!



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