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Flag Carriers as a Symbol of Honor: Between Past and Present

Most of the world’s countries have their flag carriers for financial and national duties. A flag carrier is considered an international representative of a country as it stands as a symbol of pride. Therefore, some passengers are keen to ride the flag carrier of their countries as it reflects their identity. However, what is the […]

Astroscale Will Be in France Soon

Today marked launching the most significant air show, Paris Air Show 2023, in its 54th edition. Approximately 140000 trade visitors eagerly await this show. Let’s have a look at one of the achievements of today. Astroscale Cooperating with CNES: On the first day of the show, Astroscale Holdings Inc. (“Astroscale”), a private company for the […]

Egyptair’s Boeing 737 Blew Out a Tire During Landing in Jeddah

On the morning of Sunday 28th of May, Egyptair announced its plane blew out a tire during the landing at the King Abdulaziz International Airport in Jeddah city, a coastal city in the Saudi Arabia Kingdom. The National carrier of Egypt declared that despite this unfortunate accident, the landing was successful without no causalities. Flight MS643 took […]

Top Gun Maverick: Real or Fantasy?

The recent movie of Tom Cruise, Top Gun Maverick, was more than thrilling. It was an adrenaline rush. Such first-rate movies not only win the critics but also move the audience’s hearts. Though this movie owes some of its success to its hero Tom Cruise, there are other factors, most importantly the impeccable flying scenes […]

Boeing Planes Invading Saudi Airlines

During recent years, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has witnessed unprecedented achievements almost in all fields. Recently, the Kingdom focuses on being recognized as a modernized technological country. So, it is launching mammoth development projects in all sectors. Now, it is the turn of the aviation sector. What is the future development of the Saudi […]

After the Chinese Spy Balloon, Unidentified Flying Objects Invading the Sky !

Three unidentified flying objects were destroyed since the Chinese balloon was downed by the US early this month. The incident with the Chinese balloon was just the opening ceremony for many unidentified objects appearing in the sky. However, the US airspace was not the only busy one as Canada also joined the party. According to […]

Aisle or Window Seat?

Flying for the first time and confused about which is the best for you, the aisle or window seat? Do not worry, my friend; I am here to help you. First, Let’s see the pros and cons of aisle and window seats, and then you can decide for yourself. Aisle Seat: Pros and Cons Some […]