Why Traveling to Sudan May Not Be the Ideal Destination Right Now?

nubian pyramids on a desert in sudan

Considering traveling to Sudan as part of your African adventure? I advise you to to think twice and cross Sudan from your list. Though Sudan has great famous places, such as the Pyramids of Meroe and Temples of Soleb, it is not safe to go there. This is only sometimes the condition in Sudan. However, things do not stay the same forever. But, Why is it not Safe?

The Safety of Sudan Nowadays

Sudan has experienced revolutions and unrest since 2019. Since this time, protests have erupted, causing bloodshed. Currently, the situation has escalated as the clashes between Sudan’s Rapid Support Forces (RSF) and the Sudanese army increased. Visiting a country witnessing all this as a tourist is not the best thing to do. Even if we put this matter of unrest and clashes aside, there are widespread armed conflicts. Some countries, such as the United States and New Zealand, advise their citizens not to travel to Sudan. Maybe you think the situation in Sudan is not this bad, but believe me, it is. Perhaps, it was not this serious until today morning.

Airlines Suspending Their Flights to Sudan

This morning, A Saudia A330 aircraft, flight number SV458, was involved in an accident at Khartoum International Airport before taking off to Riyadh at 0730hrs UTC on Saturday, April 15. Though there were any casualties, Saudia Airlines suspended all flights to and from Sudan until further notice. Following Saudia Airlines, Egyptair suspended its flight to and from Sudan for 72 hours starting from Saturday. 

Read more about SAUDIA’s incident: Breaking News: Saudia Airlines A330 Damaged in Accident at Khartoum Airport

Countries Advising Their Citizens in Sudan to Stay indoors:

As a consequence of the recent events in Sudan, some countries, such as the United Kingdom, advise their citizens to stay indoors and away from the areas of protests. There are also reports of crimes against foreigners, including theft and muggings.

Time to Make a Decision:

Some may argue that Sudan is a hidden gem in Africa, and perhaps it is. However, it is now a gem engulfed in flames, and the fire is spreading. Therefore, it is a wise decision to stay away from Sudan for the time being.


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