Aisle or Window Seat?

Flying for the first time and confused about which is the best for you, the aisle or window seat? Do not worry, my friend; I am here to help you. First, Let’s see the pros and cons of aisle and window seats, and then you can decide for yourself.

Aisle Seat: Pros and Cons

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Some people prefer aisle seats and think it is the better option, but why?

  1. You can go quickly to the bathroom without disturbing other passengers, which is a good advantage if you have a long flight.
  2. You can have room for your legs as you can stretch them in the aisle at night when there are not many passengers moving around.
  3. You will be away from the window if you are an aerophobic person. Unless you want to face your fears, I think you do not.

However, some things should be considered when choosing an aisle seat:

  1. You will be disturbed by your neighbor’s passengers when they want to go to the bathroom.
  2. You may have to pay more because in some airlines, such as United Airlines, the aisle seat costs more than the window seat.
  3. Maybe, in the worst scenarios, due to massive turbulence, some items will fall over you from the overhead compartments. (Very rare)

Window seat: Pros and cons

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I know you are wondering about the window seat. First, the things that you will like about the window seat:

  1. You will have more privacy as you cannot find anyone spying on you while reading or working.
  2. No disturbance because no one will ask you in or out, and you will feel like you are the captain of your seat.
  3. If you feel like sleeping anywhere or like to nap during your flight, this seat will be for you because your friend, the window, will be there for you to lean on.
  4. If you are a nature fan, there is no better option than the window seat because you will enjoy the view outside your window.

It is great. However, do not be fooled easily, my friend. There is the ugly side of the window seat you have to know as well:

  1. If it is a long flight journey, you will feel like you are in prison because staying in a seat for 13 hours or more without even being able to stretch your legs is difficult to handle
  2. The accessibility to the bathroom will be a little difficult as you have to ask other passengers to pass.
  3. If you have any slight fear of airplanes, sitting beside the window is not the best choice because this may increase your fear.
aisle or window seat
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So, What Now, An Aisle or Window Seat?

There is no specific answer to this question because it depends on you. You should consider the pros and cons of the aisle and window seat and see which seat will suit your comfort. So, you are the answer.


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