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Airbus, the European aerospace giant, had a successful year in 2022, delivering 661 commercial aircraft to 84 customers and registering 1,078 gross new orders. Despite facing challenges in the operating environment, the company was able to increase its deliveries by 8 percent compared to the previous year. Guillaume Faury, Airbus Chief Executive Officer, acknowledged the difficulty of the operating environment but expressed gratitude to the teams and partners for their hard work and the ultimately positive outcome.

In 2022 we served 84 customers with 661 deliveries, an increase of 8 percent compared to 2021. That’s obviously less than we were targeting but given the complexity of the operating environment I want to thank the teams and our partners for the hard work and the ultimate result. The significant order intake covering all our aircraft families including freighters, reflects the strength and competitiveness of our product line. We continue our ramp-up trajectory to deliver on our backlog.”

Guillaume Faury, Airbus Chief Executive Officer
Airbus 2022
Full year 2022 orders & deliveries Infographic – Airbus

Increase in Deliveries

A220 Family5350
A320 Family516483
A330 Family3218
A350 Family6055

The A220 Family saw an increase from 50 in 2021 to 53 in 2022, the A320 Family increased from 483 to 516, the A330 Family increased from 18 to 32, and the A350 Family increased from 55 to 60. The A380, however, and as expected, saw no deliveries in 2022. The total number of deliveries was 661, after a reduction of two aircraft (2 A350-900 AEROFLOT) which were previously recorded as sold in December 2021 but could not be transferred due to international sanctions against Russia.

Strong New Orders

Airbus 2022
Image by: Airbus

Airbus also had a strong year in terms of new orders. Winning 1,078 new orders (820 net) across all programs and market segments. This includes several high-profile commitments from leading global carriers. On a per-program basis, the A220 won 127 firm gross new orders, the A320neo Family won 888 gross new orders, and in the wide-body segment, Airbus won 63 gross new orders, including 19 A330s and 44 A350s of which 24 were for the newly launched A350F. The company’s net book-to-bill ratio was significantly above one, indicating strong demand for its products.

Special milestones for Airbus in 2022:

Airbus A320neo-Family Celebrates Milestone as A321XLR Takes First Flight from Hamburg Airport

Airbus 2022
Image by: Airbus

In 2022, Airbus Achieved a Milestone with the Success of the A320neo-Family. The A321XLR made its maiden flight from the Airbus facility in Hamburg. Out of its global production network in Hamburg, Mirabel, Mobile, Tianjin, and Toulouse, Airbus delivered a total of 516 A320-family aircraft.

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Qantas Group’s Project Sunrise Takes Flight with Order of 12 A350-1000s from Airbus

Sunrise Project - Airbus 2022
Image by: Qantas

Qantas Group announced that it will be ordering 12 A350-1000s as part of its ‘Project Sunrise’ which aims to operate the longest commercial flights linking Sydney and Melbourne with destinations such as London and New York. The agreement was made official at an event in Sydney, where Qantas Group CEO Alan Joyce and Airbus Chief Commercial Officer and Head of Airbus International Christian Scherer were in attendance. In addition to the continued success of the A350 passenger aircraft, Airbus also secured 24 orders for the newly launched A350F Freighter version.

2022 Welcomes New Operators to the A330neo Family

Airbus 2022
Image by: Airbus

Several new operators joined the family of A330neo users, such as Starlux, Air Greenland, and Condor. The latest version of the A330neo brings a significant reduction in fuel burn and CO2 emissions, aligning with Airbus’ commitment to making air transportation more sustainable. In addition to passenger versions, the A330 Family also serves as a modern widebody freighter, corporate jet, and is utilized by military forces worldwide in its Multi Role Tanker Transport (A330 MRTT) variants.

Airbus Achieves Milestone with the Delivery of 220th A220 to JetBlue in 2022

JetBlue A220
Image by: Airbus

In 2022, Airbus reached an important milestone as it delivered the 220th A220 aircraft, an A220-300, to JetBlue. This achievement comes six years after the first A220, an A220-100, was delivered to launch operator SWISS International Air Lines. The A220 incorporates state-of-the-art aerodynamics, advanced materials, and the latest technologies and engines, with a range of up to 3,450nm (6,390km) and an excellent environmental performance.

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Airbus Logs Strong Recovery from Covid-Crisis with Focus on Single-Aisle Market in 2022

Airbus 2022
Image by: Airbus

Airbus experienced a strong recovery from the Covid-19 crisis, with a particular emphasis on the single-aisle market. The company received a total of 1078 orders, including 127 for the A220, 888 for the A320-family, 19 for the A330neo, and 44 for the A350. The delivery figures reflect the trend towards fleet modernization. In total, Airbus delivered 661 aircraft from its global commercial aircraft production network and sites in Hamburg, Mirabel, Mobile, Tianjin and Toulouse.

Future Outlook

The 2022 full-year financial results will be disclosed on February 16, 2023. These numbers show that Airbus has remained a major player in the commercial aerospace industry, delivering a significant number of aircraft while also securing a significant number of new orders. With a backlog of 7,239 aircraft and a strong net book-to-bill ratio, the company appears well positioned for continued success in the future.

In conclusion, Airbus had a successful year in 2022, with an 8% increase in deliveries, a significant number of new orders, and a strong net book-to-bill ratio. The company’s backlog of 7,239 aircraft suggests a bright future. The 2022 full-year financial results will be announced on February 16th, 2023.


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