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Is It Possible for Civilians to Own Fighter Jets?

The idea of civilians owning fighter jets may seem like an imaginative concept from a movie. However, it is a real possibility, albeit challenging and costly. This article delves into this fascinating topic, exploring the ethical considerations, procedures, and consequences of civilians having fighter jets. Seriously… Is it possible? In the United States, it’s legal […]

How Aircraft Refuel in the Air?

When your car runs out of fuel, the first thought that comes to your mind is to rush to the nearest gas station. But if you’re an F-22 Raptor, who was running low on fuel at 40,000ft, what do you do? Obviously, you would not nose-dive the jet 90 degrees and try to glide it […]

The five generations of fighter jets

The division of fighter jets into generations is used around the world as unofficial and occult because there is no authorized classification concept based on the features and performance of aircraft. This categorization is common due to its facility, it does not depend on features or plane performance. Every category contains technological divisions according to […]