“Open your window, please”

It’s the flight attendant’s typical request that you’ll hear while landing and taking off. Having to wake up from a hardly-slept nap on a long tiring flight or having to pause what you’re watching on screen or whatever you’re doing to just open your window is undeniably annoying. However, this seemingly useless and annoying commandContinue reading ““Open your window, please””

What Are Those Small Holes On Airplane Windows?

If you’ve ever been in an airplane, you might’ve noticed that there’s a small hole in the bottom of your window. If you haven’t noticed it before, look for it next time; it’s on every plane. If you have noticed it before, you might have wondered whether it should be there and whether it wasContinue reading “What Are Those Small Holes On Airplane Windows?”

What are the Best Mobile Flight Simulators?

The aviation industry has been hit hard by the COVID-19 pandemic, with travel restrictions, it’s almost impossible to travel. Thanks to flight simulators we can always get that amazing feeling of flying back again. Here are the top five mobile flight simulators: 5. X-PLANE MOBILE X-Plane Mobile is an amazing flight simulator with a fullyContinue reading “What are the Best Mobile Flight Simulators?”