What are the Best Mobile Flight Simulators?

It isn’t common to discover that being a pilot has been numerous people’s dream since they were children. The thrill of taking off within the sky and being with the clouds may be a daydream numerous still haven’t overlooked as grown-ups. This is where flight simulators can give such dreams from the mobile’s perspective. Here are some of the best 5 flight simulators on Android/IOS in the market nowadays.


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X-Plane Mobile is an amazing flight simulator with a fully interactive cockpit and several airports to choose from. Unlike many others on this list, it is a free app but there are unfortunately many downsides of it. You spawn into the game with only two aircraft, a Cessna and a small Cirrus Jet. There are a variety of aircraft to choose from but it will cost you around $5.00 per aircraft. To unlock all the aircraft along with 3D buildings and realistic weather, a monthly subscribtion is required which will cost $5.49. There are top notch graphics and a huge multiplayer, unfortunately, there is no satellite scenery. The aircraft models are one of the best out there. Simulating emergency scenarios are also possible thanks to the failure options. Weather and clouds are also added to the game. The very few liveries downgrade the app immensly. Available for both iOS and Android.


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FS Advanced is a great flight simulator to use. The app is free and you immediately spawn into the game with two free aircraft choices. An A320-200 and a Boeing 737-800. There are only four airports to land on and take-off from, Dubai, Athens, Frankfurt and Manchester. Like X-Plane 11, as soon as the aircraft touches down, the game will automatically rate your landing ft/m. There are several aircraft to choose from if you are willing to pay the price. You can choose your aircraft livery and also adjust the date, time and weather conditions. The clouds are an odd touch as they are 2D. The flight model’s graphics are rather low as you cannot see any sensors or the shiny aircraft fuselage. 3D buildings make the flight experience more realistic but one thing which users will miss is the ability to do full flights. Another positive feature is the interactive cockpit and live controls. You can only take-off, cruise or land. Sadly, there are advertisements in the game. Available for iOS and Android.


Photo credit: Rortos Flight Engine website

Extreme landings is another one of the great apps made by Rortos Flight Engine. The app is free and there are no advertisements. The features of this app are extremely limited as if you want to unlock all the several aircraft, airports and full flight features, you would need to pay a total of $36.00. The only free aircraft is the Airbus A340, and like the other aircraft in the simulator, there are no liveries. The free version comes with several tasks and missions like handling engine failures and experiencing crosswinds and downdrafts. There are various weather conditions and failures to handle. Many will be pleased to hear that there are 3D buildings but the buildings are completely out of scale. Multiplayer is not available on Extreme landings and the cockpit is not interactive. Available for iOS and Android.

3. AEROFLY FS 2021

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Aerofly FS2021 might be one of the most expensive flight simulators but it’s definitely worth the money. Pricing at $10.00, it is one of the most high-end flight simulators available for Steam, Windows, Mac OS, Android and iOS. With a fully interactive cockpit and the world’s leading aircraft, this game gives you always an amazing experience. Clouds and fully adjustable weather conditions upgrade the flight simulator to the top three in this list. There are many liveries for every aircraft but the biggest downside of Aerofly FS2021 is that there is no multiplayer and there is no global flying. You can only fly in particular regions in the simulator.


Photo credit: Infinite Flight on YouTube

Probably one of the most renowned flight simulators, which probably every avgeek has installed on their devices is Infinite Flight. This is one of the best flight simulators available for mobile. The app costs $5.00 and comes with many commercial and military aircraft, there are many liveries to choose from. In order to fly globally and unlock all the aircraft, you require a monthly subscription of $11.00. There are no clouds or weather conditions but a turbulence feature instead. The Pro edition allows you to see inside the aircraft cabin and access the massive multiplayer community. One of the most remarkable features of Infinite Flight is the wing flex during turbulence and strong winds. The Infinite Flight team also regularly pushes multiplayer events and updates the game around every three to four months. Infinite flight has a reputation for it’s notorious scenery as it looks atrocious. Another point which holds the simulator back is the fact that it has no 3D buildings.


Photo source: Screenshot of the app

RFS or Real Flight Simulator is the most advanced flight simulator on both the App Store and the Google Play Store. The app was developed by Italy based Rortos Flight Engine and is arguably the most advanced mobile flight sim. Rortos releases monthly updates for this simulator with all the advancements that the developers have been working on. The game has 32 aircraft to choose from, a multiplayer community, an ATC, satellite terrains and 3D buildings. In order to access all 32 aircraft, the multiplayer and the ATC, it will cost a monthly subscribtion of $3.50 or a yearly subscribtion of $26.00. When you start the app, you receive three short-haul aircraft for free, an A320, Saab 340 and a CRJ900. 500 airports also come with the limited version. One more feature that levels this app up is the weather and time changing ability, failure programming and the multiple view angles.


Cover photo: Screenshot of the app RFS

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