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C-17 Globemaster III Overview

As you are looking out your window from your 30-story hotel room, a ginormous military aircraft flies 100 feet from you, passing in between skyscrapers. As you watch it soar by, you cannot help but think how spectacular the sight of this aircraft is. This may sound like a line from a comic book, but […]

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Is It Possible for Civilians to Own Fighter Jets?

The idea of civilians owning fighter jets may seem like an imaginative concept from a movie. However, it is a real possibility, albeit challenging and costly. This article delves into this fascinating topic, exploring the ethical considerations, procedures, and consequences of civilians having fighter jets. Seriously… Is it possible? In the United States, it’s legal […]

Paris Airshow 2023: Aircraft Attending List

The Paris Air Show 2023, the 54th edition of the world’s largest and longest-running aerospace trade show, is set to take off next week. This prestigious event, held at the Le Bourget is a grand spectacle that brings together the most innovative and technologically advanced aircraft from around the globe. From commercial jets to military […]

Egypt Airshow 2024: A New Gateway to Aerospace in Africa & The Middle East

We’re excited to share with you the official press release for the inaugural Egypt Airshow 2024. This groundbreaking event, supported by Egypt’s Ministry of Defence, the Egyptian Air Force, and the Ministry of Civil Aviation, will take place at the El Alamein New International Airport in May 2024. The show promises to be a major […]

How Do Fighter Jets Land On Aircraft Carriers?

If you’ve ever attempted to land a plane before, perhaps in a simulator or maybe even in real life, you know that it takes a significant amount of runway length to bring a plane to a complete stop. If an entire runway of such a great length is required for an aircraft to land, then […]

The top 5 coolest Island Air Force Bases

Air forces need to be on alert constantly when and where the action happens. Island air bases have proved a great station to get your aircraft to where you need them, when you need them and this proved a lot in the Pacific island fighting of the second world war. However these can be a […]