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Paris Airshow 2023

Paris Airshow 2023: Aircraft Attending List



The Paris Air Show 2023, the 54th edition of the world’s largest and longest-running aerospace trade show, is set to take off next week. This prestigious event, held at the Le Bourget is a grand spectacle that brings together the most innovative and technologically advanced aircraft from around the globe.

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From commercial jets to military marvels, and the latest in space exploration, the Paris Air Show 2023 promises to be a thrilling display of aviation prowess. As we gear up for this mega event, let’s take a look at the impressive lineup of aircraft that will be gracing the skies and the static display areas during the show.

For your convenience, we’ve organized this list alphabetically and included a table of contents to help you navigate through the impressive lineup of aircraft. Whether you’re interested in a specific manufacturer, type of aircraft, or presenter, our guide will help you find the information you’re looking for with ease.


Paris Airshow 2023: Aircraft Attending List


AircraftManufacturerTypePresented ByDays StaticDays Flying
AH64 ApacheBoeingMilitary HelicopterUS Department of DefenceMon-SunN/A
Airbus A220AirbusCivil AirplaneAir FranceMon-SunN/A
Airbus A319AirbusCivil AirplaneQatar AirwaysMon-ThuN/A
Airbus A321XLRAirbusCivil AirplaneAirbusMon-ThuMon-Sun
Airbus A321LRAirbusCivil AirplaneAirbusMon-ThuN/A
Airbus A330MRTTAirbusMilitary AirplaneAirbusMon-ThuN/A
Airbus A350-900AirbusCivil AirplaneAirbusFri-SunN/A
Airbus A350-1000AirbusCivil AirplaneQatar AirwaysMon-ThuN/A
Airbus A400MAirbusMilitary AirplaneArmee De L’Air Et De L’EspaceN/AMon-Sun
Airbus A400MAirbusMilitary AirplaneMinistère Des ArméesMon-SunN/A
AlphajetsDassault-DornierMilitary AirplanePatrouille de FranceN/AFri-Sun
ATEAAscendance Flight TechnologieseVTOLAscendance Flight TechnologiesMon-SunN/A
Atlantique 2BreguetMilitary AirplaneMarine NationaleN/AFri-Sun
ATR-72-600FATRCivil AirplaneATRN/AMon-Tue
ATR-72-600ATRCivil AirplaneATRMon-SunN/A
AW169Augusta WestlandMilitary HelicopterLeonardoMon-SunN/A


AircraftManufacturerTypePresented ByDays StaticDays Flying
B-1 LancerRockwellMilitary AirplaneUS Department Of DefenceFri-SunN/A
B200 King AirBeechcraftCivil AirplaneAerodata AGMon-SunN/A
Bell 429Bell TextronCivil HelicopterBell TextronMon-SunN/A
Bell 505 Jet RangerBell TextronCivil HelicopterBell TextronMon-SunN/A
Boeing 737 MAX 10BoeingCivil AircraftBoeingYes – Days UnknownYes – Days Unknown
Boeing 777-9BoeingCivil AircraftBoeingYes – Days UnknownYes – Days Unknown
Boeing 787-9BoeingCivil AircraftRiyadh AirYes – Days UnknownN/A
Boeing StearmanBoeingMilitary AircraftAviation 46N/AFri-Sun


AircraftManufacturerTypePresented ByDays StaticDays Flying
C208 CaravanCessnaCivil AirplaneAviation Sans FrontieresMon-SunN/A
C390 MilleniumEmbraerMilitary AirplaneEmbraerMon-ThuN/A
C390 MillenniumEmbraerMilitary AirplaneEmbraerMon-SunMon
C130 Super HerculesLockheed MartinMilitary AirplaneUS Department of DefenceMon-SunN/A
C295AirbusMilitary AirplaneAirbusMon-SunN/A
Cabri G2GuimbalCivil HelicopterDCI GroupMon-SunN/A
Cap 10 BKMudryCivil AirplaneAli Per TuttiMon-SunFri-Sun
Cassio 1VoltaeroCivil AirplaneVoltaeroMon-SunN/A
Cassio SVoltaeroCivil AirplaneVoltaeroMon-SunMon-Sun
Caldron C460 RafaleCauldron-RenaultAirplaneRenaultMon-SunN/A
CH47 ChinookBoeingMilitary HelicopterUS Department of DefenceMon-SunN/A
Chance Vought CorsairVoughtMilitary AirplaneLes Casques De CuirN/AFri-Sun
CM170 FougaPotezCivil AirplaneYankee DeltaN/AMon-Sun
CM170 FougaPotezCivil AirplaneYankee DeltaMon-SunN/A
CM175 ZéphyrPotezMilitary AirplaneZephyr 28Mon-SunN/A
CriCriN/ACivil AirplaneRSAFri-SunN/A


AircraftManufacturerTypePresented ByDays StaticDays Flying
DA 40 ElectriqueDiamondCivil AirplaneDeutsch See Te ConnectivityMon-SunN/A
DA 62 MPPDiamondCivil AirplaneDeutsch See Te ConnectivityMon-SunN/A
Dart 450DiamondMilitary AirplaneDeutsch See Te ConnectivityMon-SunN/A
DC-3Douglas Aircraft CompanyCivil AirplaneYankee DeltaFri-SunN/A
DHC-6 GuardianDe Havilland AircraftCivil AirplaneDe Havilland AircraftMon-ThuN/A
Douglas AD 4N SkyriderDouglas Aircraft CompanyMilitary AirplaneFFWMN/AFri-Sun
DR400RobinCivil AirplaneFFVPUnknownUnknown


AircraftManufacturerTypePresented ByDays StaticDays Flying
E195-E2EmbraerCivil AirplaneEmbraerMon-SunMon-Wed
E195-E2EmbraerCivil AirplaneEmbraerMon-ThuN/A
EC 120 B ColibriAirbusCivil HelicopterDCI GroupMon-SunN/A
EMB-314E Super TucanoEmbraerMilitary AirplaneEmbraerMon-SunN/A
Eurofighter TyphoonAirbusMilitary AirplaneAirbusMon-SunN/A
Eurofighter TyphoonAirbusMilitary AirplaneSpanish Air ForceWed-Thu, Sat-SunMon-Thu


AircraftManufacturerTypePresented ByDays StaticDays Flying
F-86 SabreNorth American AviationMilitary AirplaneMistral WarbirdFri-SunN/A
F15E Strike EagleMcDonnell DouglasMilitary AirplaneUS Department of DefenceMon-SunN/A
F16 Fighting FalconLockheed MartinMilitary AirplaneBelgian Air ForceN/AThu-Sun
F16 Fighting FalconLockheed MartinMilitary AirplaneBelgian Air ForceMon-SunN/A
F16 Fighting FalconLockheed MartinMilitary AirplaneUS Department of DefenceMon-SunN/A
F16 Fighting FalconLockheed MartinMilitary AirplaneUS Department of DefenceMon-SunN/A
F35 LightningLockheed MartinMilitary AirplaneUS Department of DefenceMon-SunN/A
F35 LightningLockheed MartinMilitary AirplaneUS Department of DefenceN/AMon-Sun
Falcon 2000DassaultCivil AirplaneDassault AviationMon-SunN/A
Falcon 6XDassaultCivil AirplaneDassault AviationMon-SunN/A
Falcon 6XDassaultCivil AirplaneDassault AviationN/AMon, Fri-Sun
Falcon 8XDassaultCivil AirplaneDassault AviationMon-SunN/A
Firebird UAVAvian DynamicsMilitary DroneFirebird AviationMon-SunN/A


AircraftManufacturerTypePresented ByDays StaticDays Flying
G-280GulfstreamCivil AirplaneGulfstreamMon-ThuN/A
G-500GulfstreamCivil AirplaneGulfstreamMon-ThuN/A
G-700GulfstreamCivil AirplaneQatar AirwaysMon-ThuN/A
G-700GulfstreamCivil AirplaneGulfstreamMon-ThuN/A
G-800GulfstreamCivil AirplaneGulfstreamMon-ThuN/A
Gaz’aileSerge PennecCivil AirplaneRSAFri-SunN/A
Globe GC-1 SwiftGlobe Aircraft/TemcoCivil AirplaneDominique EtourneauFri-SunN/A
Globe GC-1 SwiftGlobe Aircraft/TemcoCivil AirplaneRégis LacoteFri-SunN/A


AircraftManufacturerTypePresented ByDays StaticDays Flying
H-145AirbusCivil & Military HelicopterAirbusMon-SunN/A
H-160AirbusCivil & Military HelicopterAirbusN/AMon-Sun
H-175AirbusCivil & Military HelicopterAirbusMon-SunN/A
H-225 M CaracalAirbusCivil & Military HelicopterAirbusMon-SunN/A
H-665 TigreAirbusMilitary HelicopterAirbusN/AMon-Sun
H75 HawkCurtissMilitary AirplaneStephen GrayFri-SunN/A


AircraftManufacturerTypePresented ByDays StaticDays Flying
Integral ElectriqueAura AeroCivil AirplaneAura AeroMon-SunN/A
Integral RAura AeroCivil AirplaneAura AeroMon-SunN/A
Integral SAura AeroCivil AirplaneAura AeroMon-SunN/A


AircraftManufacturerTypePresented ByDays StaticDays Flying
KC46 PegasusBoeingMilitary AirplaneUS Department of DefenceMon-SunN/A
KodiakDaherCivil AirplaneDaher AerospaceMon-SunN/A


AircraftManufacturerTypePresented ByDays StaticDays Flying
L-410 NG TurbojetAircraft IndustriesCivil AirplaneAircraft IndustriesMon-SunN/A
L-12 Electra JuniorLockheedCivil AirplaneLe Gros Biplan RougeFri-SunN/A
LXRElixirCivil AirplaneElixir AircraftMon-SunN/A


AircraftManufacturerTypePresented ByDays StaticDays Flying
M-345 AermacchiAermacchiMilitary AirplaneLeonardoMon-SunN/A
M-346 AermacchiAermacchiMilitary AirplaneLeonardoMon-SunN/A
MD 311 FlamantDassaultMilitary AirplaneLes Ailes AnciennesFri-SunN/A
Mirage 2000DassaultMilitary AirplaneMinistère Des ArméesMon-SunN/A
MS760 ParisMorane SaulnierCivil AirplaneArmor Aero PassionFri-SunN/A
MXSMX AircraftCivil AirplaneAude LemordantN/AFri-Sun


AircraftManufacturerTypePresented ByDays StaticDays Flying
NH 90NH IndustriesMilitary HelicopterNH IndustriesMon-SunMon-Sun
NH 90 Caiman NHIairbusMilitary HelicopterMinistère Des ArméesMon-SunN/A


AircraftManufacturerTypePresented ByDays StaticDays Flying
OV-10 BroncoNorth American AviationMilitary AirplaneMEACN/AFri-Sun


AircraftManufacturerTypePresented ByDays StaticDays Flying
P180 Avanti IIPiaggio AeronauticsCivil AirplaneOyonnairMon-SunN/A
P51 MustangNorth American AviationMilitary AirplaneAero Vintage AcademyN/AFri-Sun
P8 PoseidonBoeingMilitary AirplaneUS Department of DefenceMon-SunN/A
PatrollerSafranMilitary DroneSafranMon-SunN/A
PC-12 NGXPilatusCivil AirplanePilatusMon-ThuN/A
PC12PilatusCivil AirplanePilatusMon-ThuPC
PC12PilatusMilitary AirplaneArmee De L’Air Et De L’EspaceFri-SunFri-Sun
PC-24PilatusCivil AirplanePilatusMon-ThuN/A
Piper N-E1PiperCivil AirplaneCommemorative Air ForceFri-SunN/A
Planeur 22N/ACivil GliderFFVPFri-SunN/A
Prosperity 1Autoflight USA INCeVTOLAutoflight USA INCMon-SunN/A


AircraftManufacturerTypePresented ByDays StaticDays Flying
RafaleDassaultMilitary AirplaneDassault AviationMon-SunN/A
RafaleDassaultMilitary AirplaneMinistère Des ArméesMon-SunN/A
RafaleDassaultMilitary AirplaneArmee De L’Air Et De L’EspaceN/AMon-Sun
RF4FournierCivil AirplaneAlternative Duo MotoplaneurMon-SunN/A
RQ7 ShadowAAI CorpMilitary DroneUS Department of DefenceMon-SunN/A


AircraftManufacturerTypePresented ByDays StaticDays Flying
Shark ULShark AeroCivil MicrolightShark AeroMon-SunN/A
SOL.EXInnoavisCivil GliderInnovavisMon-SunFri-Sun
SolarstratosSolarexplorersCivil GliderSolarexplorersMon-SunFri-Sun
Spartan 7W ExecutiveSpartan Aircraft CompanyCivil AirplaneSebastien MazzuchettiFri-SunN/A
Supermarine SpitfireSupermarineMilitary AirplaneAero Vintage AcademyN/AFri-Sun
Swift S-1Marganski & MylowskiCivil GliderFFVPN/AMon-Sun


AircraftManufacturerTypePresented ByDays StaticDays Flying
T-28 TrojanNorth American AviationMilitary AirplaneAero Vinatage AcademyN/AFri-Sun
TBM 960DaherCivil AirplaneDaherMon-SunN/A
TBM 700 EcopulseSaherCivil AirplaneDaherMon-SunN/A


AircraftManufacturerTypePresented ByDays StaticDays Flying
UH60 Black HawkSikorskyMiltary HelicopterUS Department Of DefenceMon-SunN/A


AircraftManufacturerTypePresented ByDays StaticDays Flying
VariEzeBurt RutanCivil AirplaneRSAFri-SunN/A
Velis ElectroPipistrelCivil AirplaneDGACMon-SunMon-Sun
Volocity VC200VolocoptereVTOLVolocopterMon-SunMon-Sun


AircraftManufacturerTypePresented ByDays StaticDays Flying
XTRA 300Extra AircraftCivil AirplaneCatherine MaunouryN/AFri-Sun

The Paris Air Show 2023 is shaping up to be an unforgettable event, with an impressive array of aircraft set to take to the skies and grace the static displays. From the sleek commercial jets of Airbus and Boeing to the military might of the F-35 Lightning and the Rafale, the show promises to be a feast for the eyes for all aviation enthusiasts.

Stay tuned to Aviation for Aviators for comprehensive coverage of the Paris Air Show 2023. We’ll bring you the latest news, updates, and insights from the event, ensuring you don’t miss a beat of this aviation extravaganza. Whether you’re an industry professional, an aviation enthusiast, or just curious about the world of flight, join us as we explore the future of aviation at the Paris Air Show 2023.

Paris Airshow Special Coverage

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Paris Airshow 2023

Paris Airshow 2023: Day 4 Roundup



The first three days of the Paris Airshow 2023 saw a flurry of activity, with airlines ordering aircraft of different capacities. However, the fourth day was marked by the announcement of thrilling deals focusing on the sustainability aspect of the aviation industry’s future. Here’s a roundup of the day’s highlights:

Airbus and LanzaJet Collaborate to Produce Sustainable Aviation Fuel

Paris Airshow 2023

Airbus and LanzaJet have signed a memorandum of understanding to accelerate the certification and adoption of 100% drop-in sustainable aviation fuel (SAF). LanzaJet’s proprietary Alcohol-to-Jet (ATJ) technology uses low-carbon ethanol to create SAF that reduces greenhouse gas emissions by more than 70% compared to fossil fuels. This collaboration is a significant step in reducing the aviation industry’s carbon footprint. Read more

Air Cahana Orders 250 Hydrogen-Electric Engines from ZeroAvia at Paris Air Show

Paris Airshow 2023

Air Cahana has ordered 250 hydrogen-electric engines from ZeroAvia. The ZA2000 engines, developed by ZeroAvia, are zero-emission propulsion systems and represent the company’s most powerful powertrain platform. With a power output range of 2,000 kW to 5,000 kW, the ZA2000 uses hydrogen fuel to generate electricity, powering the electric motors with zero emissions. Read more

GKN Aerospace Achieves Milestone in F-35 Program with European Fleet Servicing

Paris Airshow 2023

GKN Aerospace has successfully serviced and maintained the first F-35 wheels and brakes assemblies for the European fleet at its GKN Fokker landing gear facility in the Netherlands. This marks an important step forward in expanding the F-35 industrial base and increasing international partnership in the program. Read more

AutoFlight to Conduct Experimental eVTOL Flights at 2024 Paris Olympic Games

Paris Airshow 2023

Electric aircraft pioneer AutoFlight is set to perform experimental flights of its Prosperity I aircraft at the 2024 Paris Olympic and Paralympic Games. AutoFlight has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Groupe ADP, previously known as Aeroports de Paris, committing to carry out experimental eVTOL flights from Pontoise Vertiport during the 2024 Paris Olympic and Paralympic Games. Read more

Pratt & Whitney to Launch New Manufacturing Site in Morocco and Expand in Georgia

Paris Airshow 2023

Pratt & Whitney has announced plans to manufacture critical engine parts in Morocco and increase the capacity of its facility in Columbus, Georgia. This expansion will help meet the growing demand for its products and services. Read more

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Paris Airshow 2023

Pratt & Whitney to Launch New Manufacturing Site in Morocco and Expand in Georgia



Pratt & Whitney

Pratt & Whitney, the leading engine maker, revealed at the ongoing Paris Air Show that it plans to venture into Morocco to manufacture key components for several of its engine models. The company also confirmed new airline contracts to power their aircraft.

New Manufacturing Site in Morocco

Pratt & Whitney will establish an affiliate, Pratt & Whitney Maroc (PWM), in Casablanca, which will manufacture detailed static and structural machined parts for various engine models. The company expects that this investment will enhance its cost-effective sourcing capabilities, boost competitiveness, and optimize operational footprint and asset utilization. Maria Della Posta, president of Pratt & Whitney Canada, stated,

“Morocco offers many benefits for aerospace manufacturing. The growing aerospace community in Casablanca ensures a highly valuable talent pool, a positive economic environment, and the support from Morocco’s government. Pratt & Whitney Maroc, as an independent affiliate, will create 200 jobs by 2030, and we look forward to joining the business community in Casablanca’s MidParc Free Zone.”

The Future Pratt & Whitney Maroc (PWM) facility in Casablanca.
Photo by: Cision – MediaStudio View Media (

The new 130,000 square-foot facility will be designed with lean principles and CORE methodology to enhance efficiency, improve quality, and lower costs. Morocco was chosen after a global benchmarking exercise due to its thriving aerospace companies, business costs, and skilled workforce. The company anticipates this investment to strengthen its production capacity to meet robust engine demand, bring it closer to its African customer base and partners, and further support the region’s aerospace growth. The facility’s construction is set to start in Q4 2023 for a successful launch in 2025.

The Moroccan Ministry of Investment, Convergence, and Evaluation of Public Policies (MICEPP) representative mentioned that this project would create job opportunities for local youth, facilitate knowledge transfer, and encourage collaboration among local and international stakeholders.

Expansion in Columbus, Georgia

Pratt & Whitney also plans to expand its facility in Columbus, Georgia, investing over $200 million to increase its capacity. The company’s campus in Georgia has been operational for almost four decades and comprises the Columbus Engine Center and Columbus Forge.

This investment will enable Pratt & Whitney to overhaul up to 400 GTF (geared turbofan) engines each year, also known as the PW1000G. The GTF powers the Embraer E2, Airbus A220, Airbus A320neo aircraft, as well as the F117 and F100 military jet engines.


New Airline Deals

At this year’s Paris Air Show, Pratt & Whitney secured new deals. China Aircraft Leasing Group Holdings signed a memorandum of understanding to purchase up to 60 GTF engines to power Airbus A320neo aircraft. Additionally, United Airlines selected Pratt & Whitney’s GTF engine to power its Airbus A321neo and XLR fleet over the next few years. United has placed firm orders for 70 Airbus A321neos and 50 A321XLRs, with the first of these GTF-powered Airbus deliveries expected later this year.

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Paris Airshow 2023

AutoFlight to Conduct Experimental eVTOL Flights at 2024 Paris Olympic Games




In the aftermath of the Paris Air Show, electric aircraft pioneer AutoFlight announced it will carry out experimental piloted flights of its Prosperity I aircraft during the 2024 Paris Olympic and Paralympic Games.

Infrastructure Ready for eVTOL

AutoFlight has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Groupe ADP, previously known as Aeroports de Paris. The group manages around 20 airports worldwide, including Charles de Gaulle, Orly, and Le Bourget airports in the Paris area. Additionally, it operates Pontoise Vertiport, a passenger terminal and testing ground for future electric vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL) operations, situated about 50 kilometers from Paris.

Photo by: AutoFlight

The MoU commits AutoFlight and Groupe ADP to carry out experimental eVTOL flights with Prosperity I from Pontoise Vertiport during the 2024 Paris Olympic and Paralympic Games. High-profile original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) have already pledged to operate live flights in Paris next year, marking the Paris Olympics as both a showcase and proving ground for eVTOL makers.

Mark Henning, managing director of AutoFlight Europe, mentioned that the 2024 games will be a global celebration, and AutoFlight is proud to have its technology be part of it.


Delivering Under Pressure

The MoU, signed by AutoFlight CEO Tian Yu and Groupe ADP Deputy CEO Edward Arkwright, aims to spotlight “AutoFlight’s potential in scaling up sustainable urban logistics and passenger transportation under real-world conditions.” Prosperity I, exhibited at the air show, is designed for safe, quiet, affordable urban trips and regional journeys.

AutoFlight touts a “world record” range of 250 kilometers and claims the aircraft is among the few to have successfully navigated the challenging transition phase from vertical to horizontal flight “hundreds of times.” According to the OEM, the energy consumption of Prosperity I is on par with an electric car, heralding a new era of sustainable logistics and passenger transportation.

Photo by: AutoFlight

Pontoise Vertiport, Europe’s most advanced airfield for sustainable air mobility, features dedicated take-off and landing areas, a passenger terminal, a fully equipped maintenance hangar, and advanced control areas. ADP Groupe is deeply involved in eVTOL infrastructure, with plans for five additional vertiports.

The collaboration encapsulated by the MoU is part of Groupe ADP’s strategy to establish a unique Paris area air mobility ecosystem, an initiative underway since 2020 to position the company at the forefront of the push for advanced urban air mobility.

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