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Paris Airshow 2023: Day 4 Roundup

The first three days of the Paris Airshow 2023 saw a flurry of activity, with airlines ordering aircraft of different capacities. However, the fourth day was marked by the announcement of thrilling deals focusing on the sustainability aspect of the aviation industry’s future. Here’s a roundup of the day’s highlights:

Airbus and LanzaJet Collaborate to Produce Sustainable Aviation Fuel

Paris Airshow 2023

Airbus and LanzaJet have signed a memorandum of understanding to accelerate the certification and adoption of 100% drop-in sustainable aviation fuel (SAF). LanzaJet’s proprietary Alcohol-to-Jet (ATJ) technology uses low-carbon ethanol to create SAF that reduces greenhouse gas emissions by more than 70% compared to fossil fuels. This collaboration is a significant step in reducing the aviation industry’s carbon footprint. Read more

Air Cahana Orders 250 Hydrogen-Electric Engines from ZeroAvia at Paris Air Show

Paris Airshow 2023

Air Cahana has ordered 250 hydrogen-electric engines from ZeroAvia. The ZA2000 engines, developed by ZeroAvia, are zero-emission propulsion systems and represent the company’s most powerful powertrain platform. With a power output range of 2,000 kW to 5,000 kW, the ZA2000 uses hydrogen fuel to generate electricity, powering the electric motors with zero emissions. Read more

GKN Aerospace Achieves Milestone in F-35 Program with European Fleet Servicing

Paris Airshow 2023

GKN Aerospace has successfully serviced and maintained the first F-35 wheels and brakes assemblies for the European fleet at its GKN Fokker landing gear facility in the Netherlands. This marks an important step forward in expanding the F-35 industrial base and increasing international partnership in the program. Read more

AutoFlight to Conduct Experimental eVTOL Flights at 2024 Paris Olympic Games

Paris Airshow 2023

Electric aircraft pioneer AutoFlight is set to perform experimental flights of its Prosperity I aircraft at the 2024 Paris Olympic and Paralympic Games. AutoFlight has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Groupe ADP, previously known as Aeroports de Paris, committing to carry out experimental eVTOL flights from Pontoise Vertiport during the 2024 Paris Olympic and Paralympic Games. Read more

Pratt & Whitney to Launch New Manufacturing Site in Morocco and Expand in Georgia

Paris Airshow 2023

Pratt & Whitney has announced plans to manufacture critical engine parts in Morocco and increase the capacity of its facility in Columbus, Georgia. This expansion will help meet the growing demand for its products and services. Read more

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