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Air Cahana Orders 250 Hydrogen-Electric Engines from ZeroAvia at Paris Air Show

Air Cahana, announced today at the Paris Air Show, has ordered 250 hydrogen-electric engines from ZeroAvia. As an airline launched with the sole mission of decarbonizing aviation, Air Cahana’s focus is on sustainable flights.

ZA2000: ZeroAvia’s Hydrogen-Electric Powerhouse

The ZA2000 engines, developed by ZeroAvia, are zero-emission propulsion systems and represent the company’s most powerful powertrain platform. With a power output range of 2,000 kW to 5,000 kW, the ZA2000 uses hydrogen fuel to generate electricity, powering the electric motors with zero emissions.

This engine design has also attracted other regional operators. Last year, Ravn Alaska ordered 30 of these engines from ZeroAvia for its Dash 8 turboprop aircraft.

A Closer Look at Air Cahana

Based in Los Angeles, California, and established in 2019, Air Cahana is run by Flyshare, Inc. The airline, founded by aeronautics and engineering veterans, has been focusing on advanced aeronautics, propulsion, and clean sheet aircraft designs for sustainable aviation. Their goal? To become the cleanest airline in the sky.

Starting with Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF), the carrier intends to adopt zero-emission propulsion systems as such technology becomes market-ready.

ZeroAvia and Hydrogen-Electric Propulsion

Air Cahana
Photo by: zeroavia

According to ZeroAvia, its hydrogen-electric powertrain reduces life cycle emissions by 90% compared to turbines and operates at 60% lower costs. Moreover, the hourly maintenance cost is 75% lower, and by 2024, it is projected to achieve 50% of the operational range of a conventional turboprop, with 100% range expected by 2026.

ZeroAvia has attracted interest from a range of regional operators and big names such as United Airlines, American Airlines, and British Airways. Beyond North America, ZeroAvia has partnered with carriers like Sweden’s Braathens Regional Airlines, which sees potential in the ZA2000 and the smaller ZA600 powertrain, suitable for smaller 9-19 seater aircraft.

In January this year, ZeroAvia achieved a significant milestone with the first Hydrogen Powered zero-emission flight with a Dornier 228. Furthermore, aircraft lessor Green Aerolease signed a deal with ZeroAvia at the Air Show this week for their smaller ZA600 powertrain. Green Aerolease aims to integrate these engines into the fleet of French regional carrier, Finistair.

ZeroAvia’s hydrogen-electric powertrain offers operational and cost advantages for operators, passengers, and the environment. With successful testing already done for their ZA600 engines, it will be interesting to see the testing and potential success of the larger ZA2000 powertrain, which could attract more regional operators.

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