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Three Outstanding Examples of General Aviation Aircraft

In recent years, commercial aviation has gotten a massive upgrade. With new planes like the 787, A350, A220, and the recently developed C919, it has become more modern and advanced. But when we look at general aviation, everything looks old and outdated. Well, it is pretty hard to say it’s not, considering that the Cessna 172, one of the most flown GA aircraft today, is already around 68 years old. We collected various research to show some of the best GA aircraft operating today and two of their most significant features. So anyway, what planes are being used to make general aviation more modern today? Let’s find out.

Image by James via Wikipedia Commons

1. The Cirrus SR-20 and SR-22

From its first look, almost everyone would say that the SR-20 and SR-22 are most arguably some of the most technically advanced aircraft in the industry of general aviation. From the outside to the inside, these beautiful aircraft’s outstanding aspects prove the point. So, let’s take a look at some of the unfathomable details of these aircraft that separate them from others.


When you proceed to the plane, you will discover its incredible cockpit technology. The most noticeable part of it is the amount of display screens it is equipped with, along with the unusual legroom space provided to the pilots.

“By reimaging the interior, we were able to improve legroom in the cabin as well as your view outside the cabin. It’s something you will notice as soon as you step inside.”

– Cirrus Aircraft


The safety of these aircraft is completely outstanding. Equipped with something almost no commercial plane has, an emergency parachute, the SR-20 is definitely breaking boundaries of safety in the world of general aviation. The parachute deployment system, called CAPs, is easily accessible during an in-flight emergency by the pilots. This significant invention could also save many lives, along with saving the plane.

2. The Diamond DA-42

Another impressive example of a significant plane is the Diamond DA-42. Packed with an incredible design and unbeatable capabilities, this twin-engine aircraft is indubitably one of, if not, the best, light twin-engine aircraft ever created. Let’s further explore this outstanding plane and its exceptional efficiency.


One of the most important aspects of the DA-42 is the range. Unlike most other general aviation aircraft, the range of this significant plane is absolutely perfect. Able to travel from New York to Chicago with ease, the Diamond DA-42 is truly a masterpiece.


The interior of the DA42-VI was designed with the pilot and passengers in mind. Enjoy ergonomically designed and climate-controlled seats with variable lordosis support and adjustable backrest. Various luxurious, hand-made upholstering options as well as great optional interior features such as built-in tablet mount provisions for the pilot and co-pilot await you.

– Diamond Aircraft

The comfort of this aircraft is completely impossible to ignore. The second you look at it, luxury is everywhere. In the seats, in the controls, on the doors, and even in the view outside. And as said in the quote above, the Diamond DA42 was designed with the pilot and passengers in mind.

The TBM-960

Image by Matti Blume via Wikipedia Commons

The last, but definitely not the least plane in the list is the highly engineered TBM-960. Used by hundreds of individuals around the world, this incredible aircraft is obviously one of the best in the industry of general aviation. Even with a whopping price of nearly $5 million, this aircraft is breaking boundaries in many ways.


One of the most famous features of the TBM-960 is the speed. Able to travel at a maximum of roughly 330 knots, this aircraft can travel on various routes in a small amount of time.


Now, let’s explore what is always the most important feature in an aircraft: Safety. The TBM-960 is a perfect demonstration of a safe-designed aircraft. Equipped with a system called HomeSafe, the plane can safely return to the airport by itself. This is a very significant invention, just like the SR-22’s CAPS.

The TBM 960’s HomeSafe emergency autoland function automatically brings the airplane to a runway touchdown if the pilot is incapacitated. This game-changing technology extends Daher’s innovation to a feature that specifically addresses safety from the passengers’ point of view.


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