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Delta Air Lines Boeing 767 Evacuation Slide Deployed Accidentally at London Gatwick

Delta Air Lines flight DL63 from London Gatwick (LGW) to New York (JFK) experienced a delay due to the accidental deployment of an evacuation slide. The aircraft involved was a 26-year-old Boeing 767-300ER registered as N198DN operated by Delta Air Lines. Social media featured images of the mistakenly deployed evacuation slide showing the slide on […]

Why “Delta Air Lines” Not “Delta Airlines”?

Have you ever noticed that Delta Air Lines, one of the major airlines of the United States, is spelled as three separate words; “Delta”, “Air” and “Lines”? Indeed, the name “Delta Air Lines,” spelled as three separate words, has an interesting historical and branding significance. This naming convention has its roots in the early days […]

Delta Air Lines Orders 20 Airbus A350-1000 Aircraft

Delta Air Lines has taken a significant step in modernizing its fleet by placing its first order for 20 Airbus A350-1000 aircraft. This order introduces a new aircraft type to Delta’s already diverse fleet. Christian Scherer, the Chief Executive Officer of Airbus’ Commercial Aircraft business, expressed gratitude for Delta’s trust in Airbus solutions. Delta, known […]

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Delta Air Lines Announces Corporate Staff Layoffs Regardless of Record Revenues

In a recent announcement, Delta Air Lines disclosed their decision to make corporate job cuts amidst reporting notable financial outcomes for the September quarter. This article delves into the intricacies of this decision and its broader implications for the airline. The Decision: Corporate Job Cuts Prominent news outlets CNBC and Reuters reported on Delta Air […]