Delta Air Lines Orders 20 Airbus A350-1000 Aircraft

Delta Air Lines has taken a significant step in modernizing its fleet by placing its first order for 20 Airbus A350-1000 aircraft. This order introduces a new aircraft type to Delta’s already diverse fleet.

Photo by Airbus

Christian Scherer, the Chief Executive Officer of Airbus’ Commercial Aircraft business, expressed gratitude for Delta’s trust in Airbus solutions. Delta, known for being the first U.S. airline to operate the A350-900 successfully, will now expand its potential with the A350-1000. Scherer highlighted the importance of this partnership, emphasizing how Airbus aircraft support Delta’s extensive global network and its pursuit of fleet efficiency.

We are thankful for Delta’s continued confidence in Airbus’ solutions to meet its fleet needs, Delta was the first U.S. airline to operate the A350-900, and is doing so with great success. Delta now welcomes the A350-1000, which will open even more opportunities for the airline and its customers. We are proud that our aircraft serve the entirety of Delta’s impressive global network as this stellar airline takes fleet efficiency to the next level.”

Christian Scherer, Chief Executive Officer of the Commercial Aircraft business, Airbus

Ed Bastian, CEO of Delta Air Lines, underscored the strategic value of the A350-1000 in the airline’s fleet. As the largest and most capable aircraft, it marks a pivotal advancement in Delta’s international expansion strategy. The A350-1000 not only enhances Delta’s operational capabilities but also promises an elevated customer experience. It offers more premium seating, top-tier amenities, and increased cargo capacity, aligning with Delta’s customer-centric approach.

The A350-1000 will be the largest, most capable aircraft in Delta’s fleet and is an important step forward for our international expansion. The aircraft complements our fleet and offers an elevated customer experience, with more premium seats and best-in-class amenities, as well as expanded cargo capabilities.

 Ed Bastian, Delta’s CEO
Delta’s current operations include over 450 Airbus aircraft, encompassing a range from the A220 to the A350-900.
Photo by Minh K Tran | Shutterstock

To date, the A350 has more than 1,206 orders from 58 customers from around the world.

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