After the Chinese Spy Balloon, Unidentified Flying Objects Invading the Sky !

Three unidentified flying objects were destroyed since the Chinese balloon was downed by the US early this month. The incident with the Chinese balloon was just the opening ceremony for many unidentified objects appearing in the sky. However, the US airspace was not the only busy one as Canada also joined the party. According to an official statement, Canada shot down an object on Saturday over the Yukon. So, what is the story? Who is running the show of the sky?

A Mysterious Object over Canadian Airspace:

On Sunday, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau stated that security teams are working to find and analyze the unidentified object shot down on Saturday over the Yukon. Trudeau said he put the safety of the citizens and local aviation first, so he decided to shoot down this object to end this potential threat.
According to a senior government source, this object appeared in Canadian airspace on Friday night. Though there is no accurate information about this object, however, there are suggestions this object is a balloon. But nothing official yet. However, the same incident happened in the US with the same ending.

Once again unknown Objects invaded the American Sky:

The incident with the Chinese balloon was just the start for the US. On Friday 10 February the US security forces shot down an object over sea ice near Deadhorse in northern Alaska. The official statement said that this object was not similar to the Chinese balloon. However, the story was not ended there as another object was destroyed by the US forces over Lake Huron in Michigan on Sunday.

What Is Next?

Such repeated incidents leave us with many question marks. However, the big question now is will we see other objects flying in the sky soon? And If such a thing happens, whose turn will be to join the party of Canada and the US? Many questions are raised but with no answer; we can only fix our eyes on the sky and wait.


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