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The Chinese Massive Surveillance Balloon: a Mistake or Undercover Agent?!

Last July, the world lived in horror because of the Chinese Long March 5B rocket that went out of control. Though this matter ended with the best possible fate, the rocket crashed to Earth over the Indian and Pacific oceans. However, China can not wait to create a new problem. But, this time is not for the world, but only for the US. A few days ago, a massive surveillance balloon was spotted hovering over the northern United States. So, what is the story behind this Chinese balloon? Is it a new Chinese mistake or conspiracy?

The Chinese scenario:

The Chinese government stated that this balloon is used for meteorological purposes and flew by mistake over the US. It said that it is just a civilian airship, not a military one. However, we can not be sure of the Chinese statement as the United States had its own as well. So, what is the reaction of the US to this clear violation of airspace?

The Reaction of the US:

As soon as the Chinese Long March 5B rocket was spotted in the American sky, the American security forces watched it like an eagle without taking their eyes off it. Though China apologized and said its fugitive balloon is used only for the weather, the US had another opinion. According to the American government, this balloon is used for surveillance, describing this incident as “unacceptable as well as irresponsible”. However, what happened to the runway balloon?

The Fate of the Chinese massive Balloon:

Since its appearance in the American airspace last Wednesday, many solutions were raised, including that of the American President Biden who wanted to shoot it down. Pentagon did not support this solution as this may cause causalities because of the falling debris. However, the U.S. military on Saturday shot down the Chinese balloon off the Carolina coast on an order from President Biden. The question now is China doing this on purpose?

The truth behind the Chinese Balloon:

Recently, China has committed some mistakes and then apologized as if nothing happened. However, it is difficult to believe a country like China can commit such grief mistakes and it is so much to be a coincidence. So, what is really going on here, what is China doing? It is so complicated to know or understand. However, smartness is not to act like a wolf, but to act like an innocent rabbit covering your real colour.



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