Women in Aviation: Overcoming Challenges to Achieve Success as a Pilot

Women in Aviation

For centuries, the aviation industry has been dominated by men, with women making up a small percentage of pilots globally. But this is changing, as more and more women are breaking barriers and pursuing their dream of flying. However, the journey to becoming a female pilot is not without its challenges. From balancing family life to the high cost of pilot training, women face unique obstacles in pursuing a career in aviation. This article explores the challenges and opportunities for women in aviation.

Women in Aviation
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Since the dawn of history, we only saw male pilots; however, this changed with a dream of a young girl, Amelia Mary Earhart, to fly solo across the Atlantic Ocean. Amelia paved the way for all women by getting her pilot’s license and achieving her dream. However, if everything is ready for women, where are they? Why are we barely seeing Women in aviation?

Women: passengers, not pilots:

Women in Aviation

While women have made significant strides in many fields, including aviation, they continue to be underrepresented in certain occupations, including pilots. According to data from the International Society of Women Airline Pilots, women make up just 5% of pilots globally, but why?

  1. It is not a good job if you want to start a family. According to the Air Forces policies, that is ok for pregnant pilots to fly. However, this happens after approval is granted through the mutual consent of the pregnant pilot, the obstetrics provider, the flight surgeon, and the commander. This sounds a little complicated.
  2. For female pilots living in the sky, spending much time at home is unexpected. Therefore, as a married woman, things will not be easy to handle, let alone the idea of having children.
  3. As a pilot, you need to follow the healthcare measures of the counties you visit, including taking vaccines. This will be an issue for you as a pregnant woman.
  4. Despite all these difficulties, pilots’ salary is low, especially during the first years of work, while the pilot training programs are expensive.

However, if you still have a passion for this job, let us discuss the advantages of this job for you.

Advantages of being a female pilot:

Women in Aviation
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  1. It costs an arm and a leg to become a qualified pilot. However, some pilot training programs offer discounts, financing options, and pilot training loans. 
  2. Being a pilot, there is a possibility that you can get free or discounted flight tickets for your family and friends, depending on the airline.
  3. Be the next Amelia Mary; being a female pilot, you will be ideal for the next female generation.
  4. Many scholarships are available for women to be pilots. Some airlines, such as Virgin Atlantic and EasyJet, raised initiatives and programs encouraging women to pursue their dreams in the aviation sector.

However, regardless of the advantages and disadvantages of this job, If you want to be a pilot, go for it, girl. We cannot wait to see you in the uniform, Capitan.



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