Top Gun Maverick: Real or Fantasy?

The recent movie of Tom Cruise, Top Gun Maverick, was more than thrilling. It was an adrenaline rush. Such first-rate movies not only win the critics but also move the audience’s hearts. Though this movie owes some of its success to its hero Tom Cruise, there are other factors, most importantly the impeccable flying scenes that left the audience speechless and at the edge of their seats. However, what is the truth behind these scenes? Are there realistic or not?

Let’s find out:

Is Top Gun Real or Not?

Though when I watched this movie, I did not think there is such a school. However, it comes as a surprise that Top Gun is a nickname of “the United States Navy Fighter Weapons School”. Top Gun School is a military training school for fighter pilots and it was established in 1969. And yeah, this school selects the best of the best. It is a relief so far, the movie did a great job.

Dogfighting Is Real in Top Gun?

Most people, I am one of them, loved the movie because of the dogfighting training. However, is such training happening for real in Top Gun? The answer is yes. Among other training, dogfighting is one of the basic training in Top Gun. We are still on the good side of this movie, so what is next?

Is Darkstar a Real Jet?

I am sorry, I have to disappoint you this time. It is not a real one. There is no plane with such abilities. However, this can change in the future. Who Knows?!

The Flying Scenes?

Though Tom Cruise is a licensed pilot and has a $4 million WWII aircraft, he did not pilot in most of the flying scene. This was also the case for the rest of the actors as they were only passengers in jets piloted by experienced navy pilots. However, the actors trained and worked closely with navy pilots to make the movie authentic as possible.

Is g-LOG real?

Yes, this time. g-LOG which stands for g-force-induced loss of consciousness is real. Though it is not common, It can happen. Thanks our navy pilots for your hard work, we appreciate it.

Truth to Be Said:

Top Gun Maverick is one of the best movies I have ever watched. Though the fact that the flight scenes were created with CGI, they are so realistic to make you feel their vibe and lose your heart.

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